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    Recently I have been thinking about how can we as a nation find a way to fix our system and to work to empower the American people of all backgrounds. The following in this post is the basics of what I came up with that will have a huge pay out for this country, and if in theory this is able to work, that it will strengthen American international competitive power, along with encouraging more companies to invest in America, to hire American workers first, fix our welfare system in a way that causes those on welfare to take the steps to be able to take care of themselves in the long run through education.

    I believe the outline below should be able to get both sides to reach an agreement, I consider this very bi partisan since I the author favors neither side, but can see a bright future if we get everyone to work together. My main belief here is to start truly helping the poor in this nation, through education and empowerment to take their lives and their families quality of living in their own hands.

    A 5 to 6 year plan that involves subsidies for child care and education, along with job placement.
    1. Random drug testing is mandatory.
    2. With the social worker, the persons on welfare will pick a field in which they can be trained and educated in so that they can work in that field.
    3. Give businesses tax credits to participate in this program, also tax credits that invest in poor areas.
    4. Also if the person on welfare develops a business plan, they will be assisted in starting up, however this will only be for starting up, long term business success is up to the business creator.

    1. Zero out the student loan debt.
    2. Towards the end of high school all students take an ASVAB test that will decide what career that they should be highly recommended to go into which the government will cover if it is in the field they scored highly in. If it is not in that field then funding for education is up to the individual.
    3. People who are already graduated from High school can take this ASVAB test, so that they to can partake in this opportunity.
    4. Those partaking in this program must maintain a 3.0 GPA, if it falls below the required GPA then they have a semester to bring it back up, or they are out of the program and must pay for further education on their own.

    Gang activity in poor regions:
    1. Send in national guard troops to work with local law enforcement to put an end to the gangs that have communities gripped in a cycle of drugs, senseless bloodshed, and acts of domestic terrorism.
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    child care and education, along with job placement.

    Child care is a big issue. $130 a week for each of two children is $260. You can't work for minimum wage with no medical benefits and pay for child care, rent, food, and the other basics. They might be POOR but they ain't stupid. But they ARE TRAPPED in the welfare society. If you want to break the cycle of poverty, mom and dad needs to go to work or school every morning so NORMAL is your basic work ethic. Otherwise, "Normal' is living in the welfare system.

    2. With the social worker, the persons on welfare will pick a field in which they can be trained and educated in so that they can work in that field.

    A social worker would not be the profession I would choose. One of the problems now is the Tech and Colleges will give you a program with a student loan to persons who have no chance in hell of completing the program. They lack the basic education needed to get an advanced education. They have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Just plain exploitation that is destroying their chances at a decent education and job.

    But I would agree, the best cure for poverty, is a good education and a good economy with a supply of jobs.

    You start with rigorous academic skill inventorying. Reading, math, science. Aptitude profiles that do not suggest everyone become a librarian. Some IQ and personality inventory.

    Then you do remediation education to be ready for advanced education in the field of your choice or enter a program you are qualified for and capable of completing with your skill set. Without all that, you just get a bureaucracy and a revolving door followed by convincing people they are failures.

    Then they need to pick a field that there is a job market for. No reason to spend taxpayers dollars on a program that is NOT in demand. You do not need an Associates degree to be a veterinarian assistant or massage therapist. A bachelors in philosophy. We have more than enough people with degrees NOT working in the area of their degree.

    Not everyone is college material. HALF the population has an IQ under 100. Right? What about the 'normal' population with IQs in the low 90s? Are they associate degree material? or specialized training programs for jobs that are relatively easy to learn and repetitive in nature. Like assembly line work at GM? Point being, they do not have to be low paying jobs.

    Those partaking in this program must maintain a 3.0 GPA.

    Unrealistic. Great if you have an IQ of 120 and a good primary and secondary education. Most don't. But agreed you need to PROGRESS towards completion or you are out of the program. Plenty of ways to screw up. Using drugs with the possible exception of pot. Criminal convictions. Not showing up for class. Academic failure. Getting pregnant should NOT be one of them. I told my kids they would only have the opportunity to get 145 semester hours of college. If they dropped a course. Got D or F in a course, they would have to replace that tuition and fees with money they earned before I would spend the next dime on their continued college education. The boy got a D and didn't have to money to pay to replace that course. He thought I was kidding, missed a semester, and had to get a job that sucked to save up enough money for NEXT semester. He got C's or better after that. If you want to major in beer and girls, just more to a college town. Don't waste time taking classes... Just party.
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    I love to see a NY style system that worked beautifully with was give students a choice to learn a trade and be certified in it or go on a collage path at 9th grade and use to get the ones on a trade path certified as the first step in a trade but that does not work any more as the requirements have risen as technology has grown. and this problem happened before when in the 1950 we created our K-12 system as the need for more educated people grew as the previous system only went to 6-9 grade required but now even with a high school degree the job market is bleak as most jobs requires at least two years beyond now.
    also there one major problem with the ASVAB and requiring a 3.0 as when I took it there were 4 category's gen which I got 100 mechanical which I got 100 electrical 97and admin 54 and after a tech job in the air force I went back to collage of a degree in electronic eng which with working I barley held a 2.3GPA which sounds bad but the highest person in our class only had a 2.9 as it noted to be one of the hardest degrees but when I took my MBA in business I got a 4.0 as it was so easy compared.