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I've already been cheating by someone who use your name: Army General Petros David

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    Dear Sirs/Madame

    My name is Lenny Suyanti, from Indonesia.
    There was a man who used your great name : Army General Petros David in Facebook.
    He cheat me totally, that's why : I LOST 36 MILLION RUPIAHS.
    I thought he was you, general.
    Please check your name in Facebook.
    The amount is the only treasure I have.
    He said you were in Afghanistan to do the war. and have a huge amount USD that can't pass through.
    He on behalf your name asked to transfer amount to release your treasure, $ 2,000.000 USD
    And I transfered that amount, because general (you) asked the agent to deliver it to me.
    After I did, he said I will be in a jail if I don't transfer once more.
    Because I don't have money anymore, general said, I will be in jail, because your treasure is in custom airport od Indonesia.

    Please help me to take my money back.
    I am broke now.....

    Lenny Suyanti..
    Perum Griya Raharja no.6.
    Jalan Supriyadi, Kalicari - Semarang - 50198
    Central Jawa - Indonesia.