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Daniel Ellsberg on Edward Snowden

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    "In my estimation, there has not been in American history a more important leak than Edward Snowden's release of NSA material - and that definitely includes the Pentagon Papers 40 years ago."

    This is a quote from Daniel Ellsberg, the man responsible for the release of the Pentagon Papers decades ago that led to the Watergate scandal and the downfall of the Nixon Administration.

    Daniel Ellsberg backs Edward Snowden 100%. In fact, he has openly and plainly come right out and praised Snowden in many of his recent interviews and columns regarding the NSA Surveillance scandal. It's most interesting when Ellsberg compares Snowden's situation now to his own back then, when the Pentagon Papers were an extremely controversial topic (much like today) that could have seen him facing similarly daunting criminal charges and jail time.

    What do you make of this? Does it change your perspective or opinion on what Snowden has done, given the fact that the man that whistle blew and gave the American people 'Watergate' so many years ago is now publicly praising Edward Snowden?
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    I saw on the news (about an hour ago) than Snowden has been given asylum in Russia for
    one year. I bet thats 364 days of Russian intelligence drilling Snowden for any scrap of information
    that might help them.
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    As much as I believe that Edward Snowden did the right thing by exposing the massive data collection that America is engaging in, I just can't get over the fact that he fled to two countries that have an abysmal record with regards to freedom of speech and how they handle dissidents within their own society. How can he not see the irony of exposing what our government is up to and then flee to two places that engage in these same tactics ten fold? It just makes him look a lot less genuine when he says that he wants to open our eyes as a society, but then seek shelter in a country that arrests political protesters.
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    I think this is as much about Putin sticking it to the USA as anything else.

    He has something we want and he's showing us that he doesn't have to co-operate with us.

    Snowden may not spend a year in Russia, he may sneak off to Venezuela or another of his dream destinations (ratholes) in a week, a month, or 6 months now that the scrutiny from the international media is off. No matter his whereabouts, he may spend the rest of his life looking over his shoulder, wondering who is watching and following him.

    Snowden, like Manning, had a plan, just not a plan that worked.
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    The importance of the Pentagon Papers (of Daniel Ellsberg) is very similar to the Edward Snowden NSA documents. People were protesting the long continuation of the VietNam War during Nixon's administration, but Nixon was very reluctant to put a stop to the VietNam War. Snowden's release of the NSA documents also is a form of protest against the continuation of the Arab Wars began in 2001, under "W" Bush. We are apparently following a disastrous course of allowing the War Machine to dictate an endless conflict, pursuing profit over purpose. "W" actually said the day after 9/11 that he wanted a "war against terror" that would involve 50 countries for the next 50 years." (unquote). The main difference between this sequence of wars and the Viet Nam era, was that the Viet Nam soldiers had NO CHOICE in fighting that war, they were simply "drafted" & forced to go. Now in the modern era, they just kidnap soldiers out of the National Guard & force them into foreign conflicts (over & over again) that they never signed up for. But the usual reasons for war pursued by the United States have usually been self-defense or seeking Justice. The Viet Nam War was useless & unnecessary and so is the Gulf Arab war. And all the awful things being done in our name (in foreign nations) NEED TO BE EXPOSED. I applaud the bravery of honest men to protect the integrity of the USA, & to stop the endless conflicts waged simply for greed, or oil, or expansion of power.