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Bradley Manning Not Guilty of Aiding the Enemy

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    Where does it say that exposing a Nations secret and classified data to a web site for all to read without any censoring and without any concerns about the damage that could be caused by this type of behavior while employed as a defender of that nations military force be called patriotic?
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    We will just have to agree to disagree again here. I am not and never will be on board with my government and military violating the treaties and conventions that they are signatories to. Bradley Manning is the fall guy for exposing what our military is up to. One might disagree with his tactics, but what he did was patriotic in my eyes.
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    I hope you will forgive me if I throw in a few facts that do not seem to be well known. The whole Iraq War was such a fiasco, that many details may never be brought to light. You said that the US and the coalition had all been duped into believing the ideas of WMD in Iraq. But the reason they had all been duped, was because Bush Admin (Colin Powell) was told to tell pure LIES to the United Nations, in order to enlist their support.

    Everyone says that Saddam Hussein savagely invaded Kuwait, to repress the people. However, the FACT is that Kuwait had been a part of Iraq for a long time in their history. As a province of Iraq, the Kuwait people were of similar culture & language, & were totally compatible. And HERE is the real shocker: Before Saddam started to invade Kuwait, he asked Daddy Bush if he had any objection to Saddam Hussein "rejoining" the provinces together again. (It was mostly an economic move, to get some oil from Kuwait to help pay for his war expenses from fighting with IRAN). The response from Daddy Bush, given by US Ambassador April Glaspie, said that the US had "no official opinion" on Arab-Arab conflicts. This meant (to Saddam) that he was given the green light to invade Kuwait. But the minute he proceeded to do so, Daddy Bush went ballistic & sent thousands of troops over there to force Saddam to leave one of his own Iraqi provinces. (Actually, Bush Sr owned a few oil wells in Kuwait, and he was afraid that he would lose his revenue, if Saddam took over that area). Taxpayers got to pay millions of dollars to protect Bush's oil wells.

    Later on, (under Bush JR) We bombed & invaded Iraq, because Geo "W" insisted that Saddam had WMD hidden over there, despite that the UN inspectors had been looking everywhere for months, & could find no evidence of such. (The UN inspectors had been allowed anyplace they wanted, including inside a few of Saddam's personal palaces). BUT HERE IS THE BIG NEWS: George W Bush KNEW before we bombed IRAQ into rubble, (destroying their bldgs & water & power supply) that Saddam DID NOT have any WMD over there, so there was NO REASON to bomb there in the first place. And how did he know? Because a great courageous TV news reporter did a personal INTERVIEW with Saddam Hussein inside of Saddam's palace in Bagdad, at least 2 weeks before we bombed Iraq. It was Dan Rather from CBS News, & I saw the whole thing on TV. It was great, & when asked about the WMD, Saddam said those weapons had all been disposed of after the FIRST invasion of Iraq, & that he only had a few things left, which were for purely defensive reasons. He stated specifically that he had no intention of War, that he was a good ally of the United States, & that he did not have ANY WMD left in Iraq. He said he would be glad to DEBATE with President Bush (Jr) by satellite TV, & that he would let George Bush tell why HE wanted WAR, & Saddam would say why HE wanted PEACE, & let the whole world watch the Debate and decide who was telling the Truth. When offered this chance at a satellite Debate, George just laughed it off, & told the inspectors to stop their inspection, as he prepared for Shock & Awe, -- the illegal pre-emptive strike for attacking, bombing & invading a peaceful nation (Iraq) that had never attacked or threatened us, the great United States. (This was an unprecedented illegal attack, a major War Crime, & it totally ruined the reputation of the US in the eyes of the United Nations & of the world). As it turned out, Saddam was telling the truth, and now the world knows it. But the shocker here is that BUSH KNEW far in advance before we bombed an innocent nation, (due to Dan Rather's televised interview from Bagdad) & Bush JUST IGNORED IT. While the glorious GOP & their fake pastors were claiming that "God wanted George "W" Bush to be President." (Talk about snake oil salesmen: )
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    I must admit that I don't yet know enough about this guy. I agree with many of the comments made here. I don't like the USA spying on all citizens to fight terrorism. Hell, that and two bucks will get you a cup of coffee.
    Eternal, good post. I didn't know that Sr. owned oil wells in Kuwait. Talk about a conflict of interests .....