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What happened to your manners?

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  • Independent
    Little Rock, AR
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    I have two issues with the media -
    1. Most of the baby boomers in Liberal media are beginning to act like the other side. It is distressing to see many ask a question and then watch them stomp on the answers of their guests or co-hosts! Yes, sorry to say the biggest names are getting worse at this and most are men. We love MSNBC (Hardball, Ed, Rachel, miss Keith) but cannot stand the traits someof them are picking up from FOX 'spews' hosts. My husband is even getting so upset with Chris (probably the worse one doing this now). Please guys - shut up for a moment to hear the answer!
    2. Why do these same guys tolerate a guest interrupting the time allotted to another guest to respond? Shut any guest down when they walk all over the other guests answers.

    I watch these shows to gather informaton about subjects but not to watch the free for all shout fests they are becoming. Chris - love your show but let someone finish their answer even if it is stupid!
  • Republican
    Grand Island, NE
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    Yes. I understand completely.. They all did it to Ron Paul in the last presidential election..I truly believe the media are no longer journalists, but rather paid actors with no souls or ability to fight for the real truth..
  • Liberal Democrat
    Colorado Springs, CO
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    Yes there is Chris Matthews on MSNBC and Bill O'Reilly on Fox News...two of the worst "interrupters." However, I too have noticed a tendency for all of them to talk over or interrupt their guests.

    That's why I like Bill Moyers...polite and courteous to all his guests.

    Oh and I sure would like to see Joy Reid get her own program. She's smart and articulate.