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Greg Abbott is ridiculous and running for Texas Governor

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    Texas Attorney General Gregg Abbott is running for Texas Governor on the GOP ticket, to replace Rick Perry. I just watched his announcement to run on YouTube, being from Texas and being curious on who could finally replace the likes of Rick Perry. Gotta say, this guy seems worse. Didn't think that was going to be possible.

    Within minutes of addressing the crowd, he mentions with great pride his love and upbringing for guns, god and America. He mentions with great pride his Supreme Court victory over a 10 Commandment's statue. He also mentions, again with great pride, that he loves to sue the U.S. government, mainly Obama (which he has done 27 times and counting as AG).

    All I can say is please, please, please let Wendy Davis win. Come on Texans. Let's not 'get fooled again'.

    Here is his video, if interested:
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    I think that we'd all love to see Wendy Davis run for governor. From what I've read, the general consensus is that it's still a bit soon, but she's definitely a fighter. Although she is best known for her recent filibuster, her victory over a GOP redistricting shows that she is not a lady to mess with:

    I also did some research on Greg Abbott, and agree that he is NOT the right guy to be governor!
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    Does anyone think that ridiculous people can not run for and be elected to public office in this country?

    Texas governor, ANY governor, state senators, US me where there are not fools already in these offices.

    I would think that Davis is a long shot in a very red state.
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    Now that Wendy Davis is very much in the race for Governor of Texas running against Greg Abbott, and early voting just started, do you think there is any chance she could surprise everyone and pull out a victory?

    Early polling shows her as a longshot; Abbot somewhere likely getting a 10+ point advantage right now (51.2 to 39.2, according to HuffPost Pollster site).

    Reason I ask is that she has pulled out victories throughout her career already that were also labeled 'long shots'. What do you think? I'm worried that the Supreme Court ruling that allowed strict voter id laws in Texas for this election cycle effectively killed a lot of Dems chances. But, would love to see an upset here.
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    The more I read about Wendy Davis, the more I like her. Obviously I don't agree with everything, but you will never find a candidate that you do. I really hope she pulls out a victory.