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Anthony Weiner Part II

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    Anthony Weiner seems to be at it again. He's most famous for sending pics of his "self" to women to whom he is not married while a married member of Congress. It seems as if he's doing it again. Or at least something like it...again. UN-BELIEVABLE.

    If the initial reports are correct Mr Weiner began sending inappropriate social media messages to an anonymous 22 year old woman and it began more than 1 year after his resignation from Congress for the original episode of inappropriate "sexting".

    Just how stupid is this guy? How many problems does he have, and when is he going to get professional help?

    I actually defended this loser and thought Weiner had a shot at Mayor of NYC. He still may, but who would vote for him after this?

    He has admitted it and his ALIAS online was "Carlos Danger"! I could not make this up. Dangerous to his political career...yes! Fodder for Leno and Letterman? Yes again!
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    While I'm not trying to stick up for his behavior, I will say that his issues are far more complex than any of us on the outside can ever appreciate. He obviously has a problem when it comes to corresponding with young women via the internet, but I ask if someone's personal and private sexual behaviors should disqualify them from holding public office? Does anything that he did have the possibility of preventing him from executing the levers of government in New York City?

    David Vitter, a sitting US Senator, was caught paying for sex back in 2007 and he still has his job. While Anthony Weiner's behavior is unsettling, it doesn't come anywhere close to that. In the same breath, the voters of Louisiana said that they didn't care about Senator Vitter's personal life and reelected him with a resounding 57 percent of the vote. It just goes to show that many Americans are willing to forgive and forget.

    As I said, I'm not trying to stick up for his behaviors, but these things are between him and his wife. She knows him far better than any of us laymen do. If we disqualify every politician for their personal actions outside of the job, we will run out of people that we could elect to public office in this country. I just want my politicians to work as hard as they can to make our cities, counties, states, and the nation as great as it can possibly be. What they do in chat rooms and fake email accounts doesn't necessarily bother me all that much.
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    jared I agree with a lot of what you say. I think all politicians deserve a second chance, maybe a third, depending on what the offensive behavior is. I absolutely defended him at the outset of this mayoral race when some others were burying him, but now I think it is time to take a step back. He had a pretty bad lapse in judgement in his first social media episode which led to his resignation and if he didn't learn from that and now has the same issues... What does that say about his character? His decision making? His ability to decide on what is right and wrong?

    ..."Does anything that he did have the possibility of preventing him from executing the levers of government in New York City?"... Yes. His extremely poor judgement is what prevents him. At least right now. He's done it TWICE that we know of so far.

    In this case I think Mr Weiner needs to get out of this race and get his life and his marriage fixed then come back on the political scene, if he chooses, after he takes care of his personal issues. Maybe mayors race the NEXT time around would be more appropriate.

    He also said that some information has come out and that more info will come out. So we do not know how bad this is, but it is bad enough to make me think he should get out of this race.

    It is entirely up to the voters in NYC but I think he has seriously hurt his chances.

    Leno and Lettermans joke writers must be rejoicing.
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    I don't have a dog in this fight because I am not from N.Y.,but if Mr. Weiner's weakness is for young women and his own narcissim ,what would prevent a lobbyist or any other self-serving Corp. from taking advantage of this weakness to enable future legislation in their favor, after all Mr. Weiner's character and integrity are nowhere near above reproach.
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    I think I have heard as much or more about MRS Weiner than Weiner himself in the past 24 hours.

    Is she REALLY so devoted that she forgives him and stands by him?

    Is it just political pressure which is making her stand up for him?

    Will she leave him as soon as the election (win or lose) is over? Assuming he stays in the race.

    She has worked for Hillary and maybe she's taking her cue from HRC to stand by her man for purely political reasons.

    If Weiner keeps up this behavior eventually he may hook up with an underage person and then it will be a criminal act. As far as we know, everyone he has sexted with has been of legal age. But we certainly don't know for sure, do we?

    I've heard all this speculation and more.
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    Why is it that so many want Anthony Weiner's head on a chopping block, while Sen. David Vitter is still serving in Congress? I'm mad as hell at Weiner, but he was feisty while serving as a representative and he stood his ground against the "grand obstructive party" and the Tea Party zealots who want to bring this country to its knees. Two wrongs may not make a right, but the thought of Vitter and the newly elected Sanford is just as, if not more, an egregious act of stupidity. I actually hope Weiner has a chance to win the mayoral seat in NYC, but admittedly so, I must take a closer look at the other candidates, who are of the democratic persuasion. (Btw, I'm not from NYC--so that wld be a moot point) Democrats may not be perfect, but for the most part, I embrace their values and principles. I believe we tend to care and share and are more emphathetic than Republicans/Libertarian (fend for yourself) Tea Party idealogues. So let's not throw the baby out with the bath water and give Weiner another chance. After all, Sen. Ted Kennedy may have lost his chances of becoming president because of Chappaquidick, but he went on to do many great things for his MA constituents.
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    Bev I don't know who if anyone wants his head on a chopping block. Maybe you are responding to criticism of Mr Weiner in the media which is a hundred percent Mr Weiners fault. No one did this to him, it is all because of his actions and then his lying repeatedly about those actions.

    And today it seems that he has changed his story yet again. Yesterday he said he sexted maybe 3 women, today he says it was 6 to 10 women. Tomorrow? Who knows? Sounds like he has a problem keeping up with his sext partners, or a problem telling the truth or both.

    I haven't heard anyone say that Mr Weiner can not remain in the mayors race. I've heard lots of people say that he SHOULD get out of the race and I agree with that, but if he wants to stay in, that's his decision. Then it is up to the voters of NY and if he happens to win, then good for him. If he loses, I think we will all know why. There's lots of politicians in office who have behaved poorly as you point out and maybe Mr Weiner will join them shortly, but that's up to the voters.

    You are right about Kennedy, that one night cost him the chance to be president. He salvaged his political career, but never again had a chance to be president because of his actions on that one night. Whose fault? His.

    Mr Weiner has said he wants a second chance, but as Letterman pointed out last night, I think he's asking for a third chance.
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    "Weiners already limp campaign suffers a major blow when campaign manager quits" and "Weiner won't pull out" Puns intended, I'm sure. And there are probably other headlines just as bad as that and how many more until this primary is over?

    Yes Mr Weiners campaign manager has had enough and has bailed out, and Mrs Weiner was not at his side today, perhaps another bad sign, but still Mr Weiner declares he's staying in the race.

    Weiner is still one of the two or three biggest political stories and I'm guessing everyone except the San Diego mayor is tired of it.

    When the phrase "War on Women" is mentioned by Democrats, Republicans will probably respond with the phrase "Weiner and Filnor" and remind us of these two men who should just go away.