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Is it time to end the British Monarchy?

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    The UK is currently a Constitutional Monarchy but the royal family has pretty much ceded all power to the democratically elected parliment and prime minister. The Royal family has been reduced to a figurehead and tourist attraction with no real power. To me, that would put them on the same level and any standard celebrity in the States. So is it time to end the charade that that the UK is a monarchy and start calling it a democracy or is the idea of a royal family to important to Britain?
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    The British will never get rid of their monarchy and for good reason. It's a big profit making business for the United Kingdom. And the UK is exclusive in that regard. Other countries with figurehead monarchies get no where near the tourist attention and dollars that the Queen of England and the royal family brings into the UK.

    Estimates of the value of the royal birth alone range up to as high as $400 million. According to the Centre for Retail Research, the royal baby is less than a day old and has already generated $370 million in benefits for the British economy...and that's just for the months of June and July.

    Where else can the birth of a baby generate that kind of impact on the economy?

    This is a "no brainer." The label of monarchy, although largely a figurehead in the matters of state policy, is economically important for the United Kingdom brand.
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    I believe that the Monarchy is needed as a show of stability and a constant living reminder of the storied history and culture of the English people, they bring a sense of pride and self worth to their citizens and where else would a people celebrate such an event with such passion. My congratulations to the English people and of course to the Royal Couple on the birth of their country's next King.