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It's a Boy! Kate Middleton Deliveres Baby

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    Buckingham Palace has announced that Kate Middleton has delivered a boy. The name has not yet been released, but I'm sure that it will be announced very soon. This is the first child between Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge.
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    While the news is that the mother and baby are fine, it is a bit disconcerting that it took over four hours after the birth for the official announcement to be made. The baby is rather large at 8 lbs, 6 oz.
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    How about that Town Crier and his decorative garb, ringing his bell while reading from a scroll, shouting the news of the royal birth...again and again. So wonderfully British.
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    Okay...I admit to waiting to watch Kate and William show off their new baby at the hospital steps today. And when they both finally emerged from the hospital doorway carrying their infant son, the amount of public affection for the young smiling parents and their newborn was absolutely genuine. I can certainly understand how important this couple and baby will be to the United Kingdom as the country still struggles with the self inflicted wound of austerity. No matter what political party you claim, one cannot help but feel good and share in their happiness. It was a wonderful moment, and at least for now, uplifted the spirits of the British people.
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    Schmidt Fantastic news, mother and child seem to be doing well so that's a great thing. The whole world seemed to pause when the birth was announced, and again when the child was shown to the world, and will again when the name is announced. Maybe soon the world can get back to normal, then again the royal birth has reduced Zimmerman verdict hate coverage so that's a positive thing.

    I'm happy for the entire British nation and you are right that most Brits adore their royals. Most of them, or at least many of them. To a point.

    I also lived in England (not a long as you and not in London, thankfully) and I can tell you that many of the British do not love their royals as much as you seem to think they do. Many of them do, absolutely, possibly even the majority. But many of them will say they do but then after they get to know us "colonials" they will let us know that they really do think that the royal family are a bit overpaid. A bit of a strain on an economy that is already struggling.

    I can't speak for the folks you knew in London, but of the many locals that I knew and worked with and lived around for years, many of them would tell you their real feelings, but only after they knew you and trusted you as a co-worker, not a tourist. And many of them would never say it around their fellow Brits. They were fans of their royals only outwardly.

    And about the positive economic impact of the royals: Many of them believe as you do, that they are a positive...and many have a different opinion.

    They love their royals...mostly.
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    Yes, the royal family's popularity ebbs and wanes. We lived there from 1975 to 1984, which includes the marriage of Charles and Diana in 1981. As you know, Princess Diana was highly popular until her marriage went on the rocks...and even then she was regarded with affection. Kate Middleton will try fill the old role of Diana. The other royals, with the exception of the Queen, are less highly regarded.

    Opinion polls vary over time but here's an Ipsos MORI poll from 2012 that put the Queen's approval rating at 90 percent, Prince William at 89 percent and Prince Charles at 78 percent.

    While there certainly are many British that do not support the monarchy, they would have a hard time demonstrating that the royal family has not been profitable for the United Kingdom. I've seen articles critical of the costs of maintaining the royal family, but these articles often ignore the benefits. I still maintain that the royal family provides an overall economic benefit to the United Kingdom, regardless how one might feel personally about the Queen or her family in general.
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    We definitely agree on some things Schmidt. I never heard a bad word about the Queen, she is definitely beloved. It was mostly grumbling about the extended family, and the extended extended family, and the extended extended extended family and all their residences, vehicle fleets, and their salary for simply being born into or married into royalty.

    Charles seems to be much more popular now than I remember.

    I'm sure that there are several formulas that can be used to determine the positive or negative economic impact of the royal family, so maybe it depends on what people want to believe.

    Next step: the name! The world breathlessly awaits and I heard that it was a week for William and a month for Charles to be named, so it could be a while.
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    Baby's name:

    George Alexander Louis
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    And the bookies in the UK are counting their profits...

    To those on this DemocraticHub who have not lived there, the bookies over there will take bets on just about ANYTHING!

    About that name...another Boy George?