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Gas prices

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    Spartanburg, SC
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    gas prices went down to 2.99. now back to 3.19. and higher. why is it going up again? there is no good should be no more than $2. a gallon. MAX!!!!
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    Tampa, FL
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    Three is a lot of reason why gas goes up and down
    1)oil company's have not kept up with the need oil refinery blaming environmental groups but that just smoke screen as there a lot of town up north would accept it in a heart beat for the well paying jobs it brings and right on major pipe lines so no new one would need to be built so every time we have to shut down a single refinery we get a spike which grows the more we shunt down
    2) speculations as due to the house bubble which speculators caused they turned to commodity's which oil is one of which can explain up to a 20 to 40 spike and higher prices
    3) oil use to pop out of the ground but we used all that so were going to more and more expensive drilling as we going deeper and deeper off cost and mining oil sands which support which simply cannot be done when oil under 3 to turn a profit and is why oil will continue to increase in price