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The case for turning over the majority of our government heirarchy to the Hague.

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    We, that is the US and the western world, following WWII, initiated a number of Treaties that have since been signed by over 80% of the nations of the world. These treaties strive to push humanity and most particularly governments to the ideal of human values. At article VI of the US Constitution these documents become a part of the Constitution just as though they had been adopted day one.

    An organization known as "The Constitution Project just completed a report entitlted "Detainee Treatment". The panel that did the research was and is a stellar group of academics, jurists and scholars.

    The report is available for FREE, all 600+ pages. Its conclusions are predicable as anyone who knows this area of law would expect. The panel studied the actions of the Bush and Obama administrations with regard to our treatment of "Detainees". It is thorough and sets out a legal framework for the Hague to try several hundred US officials, contractors, and presidents.

    My wonder is, why has no one in the liberal press or anywhere made mention of this document? Rachael where have you been???

    If you are interested use any one of the following addresses:


    0r in writing at: The Constitution Project
    1200 18th St. NW
    Suite 1000
    Washington, DC 20036

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