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The 5 Supremes Jim Dandy Idea?!

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    Julian, CA
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    One doesn't have to ponder to deeply as to why those 5 Supremes keep coming up with those dimwitted decisions like a Corporation is a person and the Corporations can spend unlimited untraceable bribe money on the members of Congress and now they have decided America no longer needs the Voting Rights Act even tho during the last decade many states have been passing every kind of hindrance, obstacles and absurd regulations that prevents citizens from voting. It is apparent that these 5 Supremes don't have a clue about what a Republic is or about what is really going on in this country nor the fact that their stupid decisions have resulted in the destruction of a great Republic, of course, another explanation could be that these 5 Supremes think having a fascist, corrupt, lawless Plutocracy governing America is a Jim Dandy Idea?!