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Liz Cheney to Challenge Mike Enzi

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    Liz Cheney has announced that she will be moving back to Wyoming and challenging Senator Mike Enzi in next year's Wyoming Senate primary election. If she is successful in defeating Senator Enzi, she would almost assuredly win the general election in the deeply red state. If her announcement today was any prelude of things to come, then this should be quite an interesting duel.

    Ms. Cheney attempted to portray Senator Enzi as out of step with the people of Wyoming, while neglecting to bring up the awkward fact that she hasn't lived in Wyoming since she was a young child. How she can claim that a Senator is out of step with their state when she hasn't lived in the state herself for her entire adult life is beyond my understanding, but die hard republican voters seem to not worry about semantics. It also doesn't hurt that her dad is the former Vice President of the United States. While he may continue to be deeply unpopular throughout this country, he is still quite popular in his home state.

    Who thinks that Liz Cheney has a credible shot at taking down Senator Enzi in next year's Republican primary? If so, what type of Senator do you envision her being?
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    Liz Cheney is another right wing radical that is loose with the facts. She will run her campaign as the anti-Obama and not as Mike Enzi's opponent. That's what she's already doing spewing out the Tea Party platitudes and lies.
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    The Atlantic, July 17, 2013: Angling for the Senate: Keep America Safe From Liz Cheney

    Conor Friedersdorf, writing for the Atlantic makes a scathing review of Liz Cheney's qualifications and motives to be a senator from Wyoming. A few extracts from the linked article:

    "Republicans...aren't thrilled about this primary challenge in part because of the nature of the Cheney brand: It is understandably associated in the minds of many Americans with misleading the nation into a disastrous war, an official program of illegal torture, a proclivity for Machiavellian power grabs, and a relationship with Halliburton that seemed like cronyism. There is, as well, the public's distaste for political dynasties, due to the reasonable suspicion that the younger members wouldn't be where they are without inside-the-Beltway nepotism, and the carpetbagger vibe of her brief residence in the state prior to declaring her run.

    "Republicans should oppose her based on the dearth of what she has to offer, and the many discrediting statements, actions, and policy stances that call her values, character, and judgment into question. This is someone who has a history of mistaken foreign-policy judgments, an inability to make sophisticated critiques of ideological opponents, and a bad habit of behaving dishonorably toward rivals. She should never be trusted to hold elected office in America."

    Liz Cheney is a war hawk, a Machiavellian, who blindly defends her father's mistakes in Iraq, despite all evidence to the contrary that it was a disaster. If you like Dick Cheney's brand of neo conservative foreign policy, you'll love Liz Cheney.

    It will be interesting to see if Wyoming Republicans give Senator Mike Enzi the boot in favor of Cheney...a carpetbagger from Virginia.