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How to kill your neighbors legally.

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    20 states have passed "stand your ground" laws or "how to kill your neighbors legally" and guys like Zimmerman will continue to get away with murder as long as such obscene laws remain in effect because mentally, emotionally, insecure fearful people with guns will continue to do fearful, terrible things and there will be no justice for the Trayvon Martins of America because America's legal systems have become so perverted, unjust, unfair and corrupt and since the U.S. and state governments represent the gun lobbyists.
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    Wow, what a perverted way of addressing a duly enacted law by claiming that self defense is legal murder of your neighbor by guys like Zimmerman,( is this a form profiling ?).And as had been explained by me in other threads and postings these mass shooters are not pray and spray shooters, they are for the most part trained marksmen, who carefully select and target their victims, the majority of them could and did pass background checks, so unless your for a total ban of ownership of all weapons , these types crimes will continue. as for the Justice System being corrupted, just the Atty.Gen if its corrupt and unfair, given his nature and history of selective enforcement.