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Harry Reid Forces Republicans to Roll Over in Filibuster Fight

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    Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats finally convinced a handful of Republican Senators to capitulate in their filibuster of seven executive nominations and will allow a vote for cloture in all but two of the nominations. A Senate aide also said that these Republicans will allow a vote on "any two we want,” to fill the other vacancies as long as they aren't the current nominees.

    I have to admit that I'm extremely happy that Senate Democrats finally stood up and demanded a stop to this obstruction that the Republicans have been engaged in for the past five years. It is also nice to see a handful of Republicans buck their leadership and allow our President to have the people that he wants in key administration positions.

    What does today's compromise mean for the Senate moving forward? Does it mean that cooler heads tend to prevail or are the Republicans just gearing up for another fight with Federal Judgeships?