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NO Country Wants Edward Snowden-Russia Wants Him To Leave.

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    The NSA Contractor, Edward Snowden is still stuck in the transit area of a Russian airport. Snowden refuses to stop his so called political activities, so Russian president Putin has asked him to leave for the second time.

    As Snowden continues to be outspoken concerning his intent to expose U.S. spying surveillance secrets, and nano technologies, etc., more and more countries are running away from granting him asylum. All countries have some form of spying surveillance, spies, and high technologies that they do not want other countries or their enemies to know about. And, because these countries know that Snowden is a hacker, and snitch, they do not want him in their country for fear that he would do the same to them. They also don't know if he is aU.S. spy plant or not, either.

    Snowden has three laptops full of confidential nano technology goodies, the blueprints to U.S. spy surveillance techniques, and a long list of the names of U.S., NSA, and CIA spies around the world, and their possible activities. Everything he has is extremely dangerous to the security of the U.S., and has the potential to fall into the hands of terrorists, who can then turn around and use the surveillance techniques to avoid capture, and commit successful terrorists attacks in the U.S.

    Snowden is no hero, but a criminal who has committed high treason. His claims of exposing the U.S. government's secret surveillance on it's own people is a cover front. Our government has been doing this to us for decades now, and anyone with a clue knows this. Snowden is looking for a payday that is never coming. He wants to join force with Julian Assange -and they both are dead men walking. When Assange's so called protectors get what they want from his home country, they will give him up-he is not really safe either. And, Snowden's days are numbered before he is finally caught. Let's just hope he's still breathing after the fact.