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George Zimmerman's Gun

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    The George Zimmerman case seems to be turning out to be a mockery of justice. Zimmerman claims that he killed Trayvon Martin in self defense. He said he pulled out his gun from his holster and shot Martin, because Martin was on top of him, and pounding his head into the sidewalk over, and over...and over. There are many lies and inconsistancies in George Zimmerman's claims to what happened on the night he killed Trayvon Martin. One thing I find unbelievable is how the defense has managed to talk around Zimmerman's gun. So, allow me to bring light to a few true facts about Zimmerman's gun, and how these facts make it impossible for Zimmerman to have shot Trayvon Martin while Martin was on top of him.

    Zimmerman's gun was a black Kel-Tec PF-9 9mm semi-automatic pistol. It was black in color, and was incased in a black holster. Zimmerman claims that the gun was place in a holster on his side. THE GUN IS A "DOUBLE ACTION ONLY" GUN. WHICH MEANS THAT THE TRIGGER MUST BE PULLED FULLY INORDER TO LOAD A BULLET BEFORE THE GUN CAN BE FIRED. The gun was also semi-automatic, and had a safety that must be removed before it could be fired.
    There is absolutely no way that Trayvon Martin could have beenstraddling on top of Zimmerman when Zimmerman fired the gun, because Zimmerman would have had to have time to release the safety on the gun, and cock the trigger to load a bullet round, inorder to even fire a shot. Zimmerman would have had to either already had the gun off safety, and the trigger cocked prior to coming into contact with Martin, or he was standing in front of Martin when he fired the gun. It can be no other way-regardless if you want it to be.

    And, once the gun was fired, whoever was screaming stopped screaming. So, seeing that Zimmerman was the one with the gun, and the flashlight, it seems odd to me that he would be the one screaming in a terrified shreak for his life. And, there were two small trees where the incident to place, and and the small marks on Zimmerman's face and the two nips on the back of his head "could very well" have come from those tree limbs if he backed into them. I say this, because none of Zimmerman's DNA was found on Trayvon Martin, or under Martin's fingernails. And, this would have been impossible if Martin clawed Zimmerman in the face, and put Zimmerman's head into the concrete sidewalk over and over as Zimmerman claimed.

    According to Martin's coroner report, he had two collapsed lungs, and a hole through his heart, and a major heart artery blown away. The coroner stated he would have been unconscious although there would have been some brain function going on-but the wound was not survivable. Zimmerman claims that he still fought with Martin after he shot him, and he had to ask some guy who was in a townhome nearby to help him restrain Martin. But, the coroner's report shows this to be impossible.

    I could go on and on with the lies and discrepancies in Zimmerman's statements, but that would take forever. So, I think that the jury will find Zimmerman guilty of either 2nd degree murder, or manslaughter, because Zimmerman's defense team failed to show that Zimmerman acted in self defense. And, seeing that Zimmerman was the pursuer, I don't see how he can even try and claim self defense.

    What do you think?
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    I think Zimmerman is a killer. He picked on Martin because he was a black teenager walking the sidewalk in a hoodie. He was told not to follow the kid, but did it anyway. If someone followed me I'd go into fight or flight mode. It was only mentioned once, but in the original story the clerk said Martin was carrying a soda in one hand and a candy bar for his little brother in the other. No mention has been made since. How could Zimmerman construe this as dangerous, unless he was looking for trouble -- to cause it. I think he should fry!!!
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    Bess it doesn't matter what you think or I think or anyone on this DemocraticHub thinks. What matters is can the prosecution PROVE beyond a reasonable doubt that Zimmerman committed 2nd degree murder.

    In my opinion they did not prove it.

    But with 6 women to decide, and I think 5 of them are mothers, they could convict, and it wouldn't shock me. Or maybe convict of manslaughter, which seems more possible. The manslaughter sentence could be almost as much as 2nd degree murder, so maybe that will be the verdict. We will all find out before too long now.

    I just hope the nation accepts the verdict, whichever way it goes, and why doesn't President Obama, who has already commented on this case once, why doesn't he come out asking for calm after the verdict? I am not predicting violence, but would not be surprised if there's significant rioting and looting if he's acquitted. As our African American president, Obama would be showing leadership and would take less than 2 minutes of his time.
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    Bess: So according to you,the rule of law doesn't apply in this case, you must also not believe in the concept of innocent before being proved guilty, if you had listened to the facts of the case and the lengths that the state must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the events of that night were as described in the indictment, then you could not find George Zimmerman guilty but if one were allowed to speculate and guess and go on a emotional level to infer facts not in evidence , then George is guilty.