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Senator Paul Sticking With Adviser After Racist Rants Surface

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    Senator Rand Paul is defending an aide that has come under fire after a conservative website posted writings of his that glorified succession and neo-Confederacy organizations throughout the South. Jack Hunter, Mr. Paul's director of new media, has penned numerous writings glorifying John Wilkes Booth for assassinating President Lincoln, among a whole host of other remarks glorifying Confederate views. Senator Paul claimed he has a zero tolerance policy for discriminatory behavior, while at the same time insisting that he doesn't agree with everything that Mr. Hunter wrote or said.

    It does not surprise me one bit that the Senator is sticking with his aide considering his own checkered past in race relations. While Mr. Paul claims to have a zero tolerance when it comes to racism, some of his past statements and actions seem to say otherwise. From his desire to get rid of the Civil Rights Act to having to fire another media adviser for nearly the exact same offense as Mr. Hunter, the Senator's actions seem to speak louder than his words.

    What does this new development mean for Senator Paul as he is preparing to announce a bid for President in 2016? I'm sure these kinds of shenanigans appeal to white southern voters, but how could he ever win a general nation wide election if he is surrounding himself with these kinds of individuals?