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Wing, wring, ring . . . . . the conservatives

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    Should the Conservative not be a wing to fly some substantive ideas . . ..
    rather than a wring of their hands and the tears from their self-sacramental robes
    the while the ring of the carillons of their empty concept-cathedrals?

    Should the Conservative be more of programs and procedures promulgated
    rather than piteous protestations prated by pompous and prosperous pedants?
    . . . . psemi-preponderantly pertaining to the President?

    1 Whose Presidency has effected significant salvage of economic
    collapse caused by the preceding (at least) 8 years. The cash
    reserves of Corporate America represent the substantive
    surplus of stability since Obama . . . . the record high DOW
    represents the speculative robustness of at least that echelon
    of the populace who can afford “bias-benefit ‘sharing’ “.
    2 Whose administration’s policies (the President of the US is not
    a dictator, king, or other determining “singularity”) have
    a on the one hand collaborated and coincided with US
    military assessments and advisements (such as
    actions to be (or not) taken re. Iran, Syria, etc.
    Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and elsewheres.
    b and on another hand been contained as well as curtailed
    by the checks and balances of partisan politics (evidenced
    by Guantanamo still in operation, gun-owner control
    defeated (or blocked) just to mention two biggies.
    3 Whose administration has been in office the while the number of
    banking-buckaneers subpoenaed to hearings has been a very small
    fraction of their counterparts back in the S & L scandal/collapse, a
    significant number of the latter were convicted and served.
    4 Whose administration has conducted more deportations than his
    predecessor . . . . has proceeded with drone-hone terrorist-targetting,
    probably more than his predecessor
    5 Whose administration has, no doubt, made mistakes perpetrated by
    underlings, or underhandedings, or under-the-influence-of-misunder-
    standings of the efficacy of neoconservative’s delusion that overthrow
    of third-world stability would automatically result in democratization of
    the thus-released rabid ranks . . . . if not Christianapitolism conversion too.
    a During the preceding period, it was from the very administration
    apex that the collusional concatenation of Saddam Hussein and
    9/11 attacks was proclaimed.
    b How about the African “yellow-cake” confabulation-fiction?
    c That the small arms fire from the villa in which Saddam’s sons
    were located was returned by a US ground-force assault and
    rocket attack which incinerated the lads (a euphemistic or
    “exhonorific” way of saying DESTRUCTION OF EVIDENCE.)
    This discovery”and “incinery” of the sons took place
    and took over the media ‘s mounting revelations that
    there were no WMDs and that “evidence thereof had
    been not so much faulty as fraudulent.

    Be that about Obama et admin., just what are the specifics of which the Rightists rave their
    revile-ations? That Barak’s administration managed to push through a healthcare
    program (significantly a nationalization of Mitt’s Mass state-statute)? Or is it that Barak
    sometimes manifests a seeming ivy league/Negroid elan? Or that, to say the least, the
    while of him we’ve recovered from the wiles of being blinded to the forest of folly by the
    Cheney (et al) in the Bush . . . . administration’s wilderness of wisdom?

    But be the above all stated as my premise and position . . .. .
    What the hell has the Conservative to offer in the way of categorical substantives??
    I have yet to hear but bitching and moaning and deprecating and worse.
    About Iran What should be done and why and what repercussions
    (or “retropercussions” – Islamo-extremists) might take over
    About Syria same, plus how much weaponry we’d provide vs. Assad
    would become the projectiliing props of an act II of our arming
    the proto-Alqaedans in Afghanistan. Hey Righty, what’d you do?
    About No. Korea what should be done about the little fat guy? What would
    China do worse in effect to us if we did a Saddam on Kim? Have
    thoughts at least, even maybe procedure-policy to promote? Or
    is the Conservative efficacy at its epitome in criticizing and castiga-
    ting the President?

    Ah yes, and finally I return to a bottom-line issue. If, to balance the budget, we cut funding that provides for the barest of basal being for a mass of a class of people, what’s going to happen here in this country? Have any ideas? Suggestions? Alternatives to disenfranchising a significant segment of a populace from necessity – because all that elitism’s distorted assessment of situation sees is that its only to “buy the enfranchisement (the vote) of those people that the Liberal gives unto them some food and shelter and other . . . . goodies . . . .