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Mike Coffman's wrong votes on student loans

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    Once again, Mike Coffman RCO-6 has failed our students. Today, the bill to roll back student loan interest rates to 3.4 percent proposed by Sen. Jack Reed (D-R.I.) failed to get cloture, meaning it will not be able to move forward for full floor consideration and an up-or-down vote. No Republicans voted for it.
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    I really have a lot of mixed feelings about this whole student loan business, I do believe that everyone should be able to further their education in the hopes of securing a better job upon graduation, I don't believe that they are entitled to collage education and so many of these students take on these loans just to obtain a document that says they completed a required number of credit hours to make them more knowledgeable about that particular field of study, unfortunately their degree doesn't transform itself into a well paying job to both be able to repay the loan and afford a living wage ,there are others who take on these loans to try to enter into an area of employment that is severely limited and low paying, again ,how will they repay these loans, if your not going into a profession that actually has the potential of making a living wage ( Doctor ,lawyer Etc.) why bother with a degree that you know going in that the jobs will not be there when you graduate, so should we now reward these students for either their lack of foresight in choosing a career or wanting a degree because they just wanted a degree and to some extent just experience the collage life for 4 years by forgiving their loans . I do realize that the Student loan business is a big industry and these sharks had convinced many a student that paying back the loan will not be problem and the experience of a collage education is in of itself worth it, this is bull, there is nothing wrong with a vocation, Building trades, Tech jobs, the best thing about having a trade is that during a labor turndown, you will always have your trade to fall back on. I think so many collage's are over rated as are some of their graduates, I know some collage graduates that couldn't compete with a high school graduate from back in the day on simple everyday Math, Reading, Literature, and most important, social skills. I say let these students start paying their own way and if their dedication is deep and solid enough, they will prevail, let them learn some real life lessons, if you can't afford it and you don't have the passion to sacrifice for it, then you can't have it and your not entitled to it.