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Texas Governor Rick Perry Not Seeking Reelection

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    Rick Perry announced today that he will not seek a fourth full term as Governor of Texas and will be stepping down after nearly 15 years on the job. Mr. Perry took over the reigns after George W. Bush was handed the Presidency back in 2000. When his term expires in 2015, he will have been the 10th longest serving governor in American history after spending 5,144 days on the job.

    I am personally torn about the idea of someone serving as a chief executive of a state for so long. Public servants work at the will of the people of their state and if they are happy with the direction the state is going, then I don't see too much of a problem with so long of a tenure. On the other hand, a sitting governor is always difficult to beat, especially in a state dominated by any party, so many people that might have aspirations or a different viewpoint from a current administration will always be looked over.

    What does Governor Perry's announcement today mean for Texas? Does anyone think Mr. Perry has higher aspirations or did he decide not to run so he can groom his hand picked successor?
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    Personally, I'm glad to see the guy leave, and I'm fairly certain that the majority of the readers of this website are also.

    He currently is the longest serving governor in Texas history, and he comes up as the 19th longest of all governors, going all the way back to

    There's some speculation that he may run for the Presidency again, but I don't think that would be wise for him.

    It's entirely possible that there IS validity to the gay sex scandal involving the governor that the Austin Chronicle commented on earlier this year, and he may have decided to get out before all the Bible thumpers in the Lone Star State caught on.

    His 2008 book, On My Honor: Why the American Values of the Boy Scouts are Worth Fighting For, was critical of homosexuals:

    but it's possible that the REAL Rick Perry is actually more like the guy pictured below:
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    Texas, the "pro-life state" has executed 500 inmates, more than any other state since the death penalty was reinstated ... thanks to Rick Perry, Texas also leads the nation in a number of other areas, which you can view at the link below: