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Declaration of Independence

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    Safe4Democracy Wrote: Evidence abounds that man is not a "created" being but not to just make it a nit-pick issue straddling both sides of "church and state" there is enormous dysfunction and harm caused by the denial of nature and instead a fundamental "belief" in creation and a creator. ...

    I understand how hard it would be to try to get this gross mistake out of the Declaration of Independence and it's probably dealt with in better ways like accepting it as a notion of the times and teaching it as a regrettable mistake which already trapped the US partly over the line of mixing Church and State. ...

    There are Americans of all colors and origins at the forefront and at the very rear the "readiness to compete intellectually" spectrum, and an updated Declaration of Independence would do much better to say "we hold these truths to be indisputable that all human beings exist uniquely as the products of a random nature which never pairs perfectly matched gene sources by any kind of design and therefore imperfection and flaw in the individual IS the norm and not the exception."

    Since this is a political and not a scientific document, perhaps that's about as far as it should go to establish that "we the people" ARE NOT EQUAL but NEED EQUAL PROTECTIONS not the least of reasons is that nature is so robust it is unfair to say who is "normal"--many fold are born not even knowing what gender they are. We can fix so much prejudice, bias, bullying and violence by teaching people that flaw is normal, perfection only an illusion because we don't even know what secrets hide in our genes yet to turn us into other than what we appear to be as children. No disrespect.
    You might consider that the Founders who wrote the original Declaration of Independence were Enlightenment thinkers, many of whom were Deists and some who were Freemasons, who did not think of a "Creator" as modern Christians do, but as "Nature's God." And they were probably like many of us today who believe that evolution was God's method of creation. Remember, they had probably read Spinoza's explanation of God (which Albert Einstein later promoted).

    You might also consider that what the Founders meant, and what the 21st Century Declaration of Independence means, is that government should treat all people as if they were created equal. Of course, the Founders, being men of their time, said "all men are created equal" meaning white men. But then, that's why the new Declaration is needed.