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My Take On Trayvon Martin/ George Zimmerman

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    The Medical Examiner who testified today stated that although shot through the heart, Trayvon's heart continued to beat until there was no more blood to be pumped. It could have been between 1 and 10 minutes.
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    Both sides presented experts in the field of Audio Identification and neither could prove conclusively whose voice was on the tape and no one has said why would Trayvon be screaming because the fatal wound he received made it difficult for him to breath let alone scream, this case should never have received the attention it did because it has proven the point that justice is damn near impossible to achieve when there is way too much speculation and opinions offered by the ratings driven media to either help prosecute or defend a case. One of the ideals this Nation of ours was founded on was that your innocent before being found guilty, the operative words being before being found guilty, yet so many of us want to be investigator, prosecutor/defense Atty. and then judge and jury, we forget that these are rights are in our Constitution, it's ironic, that this discussion is taking place on the Independence Day festivities that made this Country so great.
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    TJ Wrote: johnny,
    Prior to the trial starting (about 7 days prior), an Audiologist who was hired by the nearest large newspaper testified in court that he examined the screams on the 911 call and with the aid of his computer software that is professional grade in this field, and as compared to known voice recordings eliminated GZ from being the screamer. Yes it wasn't a recording of GZ screaming but within this science, voice identification is much like fingerprint identification. This was testimony from an unbiased professional.
    There was the pursued and the pursuer.
    Tony I am absolutely sure that the defense can hire their own "unbiased professional" (paid professional) (science, voice identification) people to testify to whatever the defense wants him/her to say.

    I do not know which ..."nearest large newspaper" are referring to but we all know that you can get any ..."unbiased professional"... to say anything. It only depends on who signs the check and what the check signer wants to hear. Money talks.

    If GZ's mother had testified, I'm betting that she would have said it was GZ screaming for help.
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    Then answer this..... If the technology exists to test the voice identification ( someone who
    can just offer the facts )...... why don't they take 2 days off and test GZ versus the
    voice screaming on the 911 call. GZ can give his voice samples in any way he wants
    to. Then the dueling Moms can be neutralized. It seems like it would settle - who was
    yelling for help.
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    Thanks all, I have a bias of course, but any concept of justice that I can conceive would not permit Z. to go unpunished. I fear that is soon to occur
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    Tony if it were that easy, they should already be doing it. If they were to find ..."( someone who can just offer the facts )"... then I am sure that whichever side loses the voice ID battle could call in their "expert" to offer their OWN version of the facts. It would be just like the dueling Moms, they would cancel each other out.

    I am convinced that GZ is guilty...of something. I am NOT convinced that he is guilty of 2nd degree murder. You and I were not there and no one on this Democratichub was either, even though many seem convinced that they KNOW EXACTLY what happened.

    To me this is the whole case: The closest eyewitness said it was Trayvon on top of GZ and GZ had injuries that agreed with that account and GZ's story. If that is not reasonable doubt, I don't know what would be.

    mo sr. I think you may be correct. If I were a resident of Sanford Fl, I would prepare for serious trouble.
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    If the facts are what George Zimmerman says they are and the Jury believes his version of the events ,then why would you feel the need for punishment? again, I must say that this Nation believes in the principal of "Innocent before being proven guilty" so why doesn't its citizenry believe the same way?
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    I have a question... does any-one notice that the defense attorney tries to put words in the prosecution witnesses mouths. He gives his defense scenario/perception and then says...correct. What kind of crap is that. Why does the prosecution do nothing. Why does the judge allow this. He is testifying. We don't want his analysis or his perceptions. He should be made to simply ask a question and let us hear the witness perception/answer. What do you think Rev. Sharpton?

    nickpecoraro Wrote: I had to take my wife to the eye doctor yesterday. It is always a couple of hours wait so I got to watch the Zimmmerman trial on TV.

    Here is my take on this.......

    If I was walking home from a convenience store at night and someone was following me, I would find that threatening.

    If I picked up the pace of walking and tried to lose the man following me, but he persisted in following....I would feel more threatened.

    If he finally caught up with me, I would go into fight mode because of the threat to my security. I would think my assailant was about to do bodily harm.

    This is what happened with Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman.

    For George Zimmerman to now plead self defense is ridiculous. He initiated the situation. He acted in a manner threatening to Trayvon Martin.

    When George killed Trayvon he committed a crime.
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    Defense Atty's. are not allowed to lead or ask misleading questions of witness's, if the DA. does not object when he/she should ,the judge normally would step in and just say sustain to the unasked objection, this is done in the interest of justice and also for appellate reasons. I still feel that the State had a very weak case for criminal charges especially for 2nd degree murder, none of the States witness's helped the States case at all, as a matter fact several of them proved reasonable doubt to the jury, the prosecution allowed the testimony of George Zimmerman to come in without the defendant even testifying, thereby losing the opportunity to cross-examine the defendant on his telling of the events of that night, the mother should not have been allowed to testify as she could not testify as to any facts about the case only that she could identify the voice on the tape as her sons, and I'm sure Mrs. Zimmerman could testify that it was her sons voice as well . The DA. and the Defense are allowed to sum up their respective views/perceptions on the events of the case and also their take on the evidence that was presented at trial at what is called closing arguments, the defense tries to prove reasonable doubt while the prosecution tries to prove that there is little or no doubt as to what George Zimmerman did that night.
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    …greetings earthlings, my sensors indicate the flashlight is the key…

    …earthling george zimmerman claimed the flashlight was not working but in fact the police officer shook it and it came on immediately and caught george zimmerman in his first lie, but why lie about something so trivial…

    …then look at the videotape from the clubhouse surveillance camera and you can see a flashlight shining around outside the window in the bushes…

    …and my sensors indicate the boy was hiding in the bushes not to jump zimmerman but to get away from him and when zimmerman approached him and shone the light in his eyes the boy panicked and went after zimmerman for all he was worth…

    …and this would explain how zimmerman was injured and would also verify what zimmerman has been saying about the boy coming out of the bushes, but only after the flashlight was shining his eyes and he panicked as anyone might do when a strange man is following them and then shines a flashlight in your eyes to blind you and possibly attack you…

    …and this is why the earthling coward zimmerman lied about the flashlight and also explains the videotape footage of a flashlight outside the window…

    …thus earthlings, these facts cancel out any self-defense argument and prove that the coward with a gun george zimmerman is guilty of manslaughter at the very least but most probably 2nd degree murder…

    …my sensors never lie…
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    Rev. Sharpton:

    I'm listening to the trial and, it dawns on me.... the fact that we want Zimmerman to take the stand. I'm sure there are legal analyst and they know better than I. I think the prosecution can compel George Zimmerman to have to testify.

    His best friend who taught him about guns. Express that #1 priority is safety. knowing where you point your gun.
    The level of safety used in the shooting...(it should/could be suggested by the prosecution) only George Zimmerman
    can tell us.
    The comments... He's up to no good...He's on drugs or something...He looked suspicious...(We want to know/hear from George Zimmerman. He is the only one who can tell us. Not all of the prosecution nor defense witnesses).
    There are several opportunities where the prosecution should suggest that the one to answer certain questions is George Zimmerman.
    The prosecution can make it, suggest it through other witness and create the need to hear certain things from Zimmerman. To the point that the Jury will need and want to hear from George Zimmerman.
    The prosecution might even suggest on certain points with witnesses that George Zimmerman can clear most and/or all of this up!
    Whose Voice! If one starts a fight and is getting wipped and crying for help. Because one put ones self in a situation
    that caused him to have to fear for an behind wippin.Then have a right to shoot and KILL.
    If it were me and a white boy had on a hoody, had skittles and a drink, and he was wippin me out of fear or confusion....I BETTER NOT SHOOT; AND I SURE BETTER NOT KILL!
    The Bald headed prosecutor does not come of as aggressive. The other male prosecutors approach seems more to get to it!
    I think it's time, past get to it!
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    As much as the media and others want George to testify ,he has a constitutional right not to do so, to hold him accountable only because he didn't testify is wrong, remember, innocent until proven guilty is one of the mainstays of our judicial system, with the Media calling for blood in this matter, and of course subtle charges of racism being called out, I find it strange that not one major network media mentioned the case of 72 people murdered in Chicago over the fourth of July holiday. so much for seeking social Justice.
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    This is a message in a bottle

    Will somebody please get this message to BERNIE DE LA RIONDA before this trial is over and there is trouble in the streets ALL OVER THIS COUNTRY.

    If the prosecution does a simple demonstration they will see all the information they need to seal this case. You can prove that if a man is carrying a gun on his side or hip, and is on the ground with another man straddle him, it is impossible for him to reach his gun. It is impossible to draw it and shoot the straddling man in the chest. Also, the person who is straddling cannot even see the gun because it is behind him. That means Zimmerman must have already had the gun in his hand when the “fight” started. Zimmerman lied about the most important part of the event! Also, the defense attorney himself, said blood was running down Zimmerman’s throat that is why no blood was on Martins hands that were covering his mouth. So how can Zimmerman’s screams be coming from blood running down his throat and a mouth covered by two hands and his people are saying “That’s George’s voice”? How can they tell that? All he has to do is ask, “Have you ever heard George screaming with blood running down his throat and two hands over his mouth with a broken nose?” The answer… “Hell no.”

    If these two issues are not addressed then it is clear that the prosecution intentionally throwing this case and the country is going to have riots because this will come out!
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    The conspiracy theories are emerging and the verdict is not even in yet. Who knows what the future will bring?

    I suppose that you think the police are in on it, too. And the feds, maybe.

    What people NEED to do is take the emotion out of it, and I know that's not an easy thing to do. Even the jurors may let their emotions get the best of them, but what everyone has to do is look at the evidence presented in the courtroom. What matters is what can be PROVED, not what you have already decided about GZ's guilt or innocence.

    If GZ is found guilty, or not, we should accept the verdict. It is very apparent that lots of people will not accept the verdict if he's acquitted.

    You ARE right about one thing...riots are likely if GZ is found not guilty.

    How sad is it that none of us would have ever heard of this trial if George Zimmerman were black?
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    Why would there be riots?, because some will feel that their type of justice wasn't rendered and yet these people will see or feel that there isn't anything wrong when in the span 72 hours in Chicago 76 people were killed, mostly blacks by other blacks, and they see no injustice in that!!. The main stream media must feel the same way because of the non-reporting of these horrible figures coming from the third largest city in America, it's as if its not worth the time of day to report this, but 21 babies plus 4 adults in a Public school, wow , wall to wall coverage, calls for specific legistration to be enacted, same way with the Gabby Giffords shooting, wall to wall coverage and again with the calls for specific legistration, but 76 men and women violently killed is not even worth mentioning. Shame on our so-called News Media.