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Bill Clinton's quote on NSA surveillance leaks

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    Here's a quote from former President Bill Clinton to a Bloomberg TV reporter on the subject of NSA surveillance leaks:

    "If people are worried about it, they ought to be careful what they put in emails."

    This is a former president saying this. Of course, in typical Clinton style, it was said in jest and quickly covered up by the fact that he thinks surveillance programs like the NSA are a necessary evil that require constant scrutiny to make sure they are only doing their jobs; protecting the american people. But, he still said it. And, it's true.

    We now know, for sure, that we should have a conscious fear of what we write in an email to a friend, say on a blog posting, or comment on a youtube video, as it's all recorded and can be used against you if it goes against the powers that be, both by current leaders and future ones.

    To me, this is a bleak reality. We have such an awesome technology in our hands with the internet. We can communicate with lightning speed, spreading news and messages around the globe in milliseconds. The expanse of free-flowing information has never been nearly so great. And, yet, now we must pause before every messaged typed, before every correspondence exchanged digitally in any format, before any idea we want to throw out into the webisphere is cast... we must now be aware in the most real of ways that someone is watching. The government is always watching.

    Hopefully this will only and always just be used to keep people safe. But, history doesn't say that's what will happen.