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An email to me . . .and my response to it . . . .. Muslim murana? Bloomberg idiot?

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    Subject: Is Bloomberg Challenger a Better Candidate for Mayor of New York City?
    Reply-To: Lyudmila Astakhov <>

    This was forwarded to me a couple days ago
    First, the email to me.

    If I had to sum up Bloomberg in just a couple words, I’d have to say he is a lunatic and a tyrant with a god complex.
    So what Democrat in their right mind would decide to challenge Bloomberg for the Mayor’s job? How about disgraced former Rep. Anthony Weiner?
    Remember him? He’s the US congressman that resigned when the public found out that he had been texting lewd photos of himself to women other than his wife. Evidently, he must believe that since former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, who also fell from grace over a sexual scandal could win an election to the US House of Representatives, than so could he.
    Reports indicate that Wiener has hired Danny Kedem to be his campaign manager to head up his run for the mayor’s office in New York City.
    Before you jump to the conclusion that anyone would be better than Bloomberg, including Weiner, let me remind you of another facet of Weiner’s life that may make you think twice. Weiner’s wife is Huma Abedin, a devout Muslim whose mother is a member of the Muslim Sisterhood (the women’s version of the Muslim Brotherhood). Abedin also served as Hillary Clinton’s aide and confidant during her tenure as Secretary of State.
    It was earlier suggested that Abedin could be a Muruna. A Muruna is a Muslim that has been given permission to violate Muslim law in order to infiltrate a non-Muslim sector of life to gain information or help sway opinions. Think about it. Abedin is a devout Muslim in GOOD standing and her family are Muslims of importance. It is against Muslim sharia law for a woman to marry a non-Muslim. Not only did Abedin marry a non-Muslim, but Wiener is a Jew – a mortal enemy of the Muslims. Under normal conditions, this would be a death sentence for Abedin and most likely for Weiner also. But for some unexplained reason, her powerful family has no problems with their Muslim daughter being married to a Jew, especially a Jew involved in American politics.
    Huma Abedin’s contradictory life has also helped her to obtain positions where she has access to highly classified and confidential information and documents that could prove to be very useful to her family back in the Middle East. This is another reason why many suspect her of being a Muruna.
    So, back to my original question – would Weiner be any better as mayor of New York City than Bloomberg is? I guess New Yorkers will have make a choice between two evils, neither of which could I bring myself to vote for, but then it’s been a long, long time since I lasted voted for any Democrat.


    The threat of the Murana could be not only rational, but real. But "death to she who marries Jew" is probably not part of the paradigm in the U. S.
    And maybe it's just a kind of extreme religious-affiliation affair of "opposites attract". Maybe . .. maybe not . . .
    But what's with Bloomberg being a lunatic? Because of smoking restrictions? No more super-sizing soft-drinks? Is it lunatic to take even micro-steps to try to stem the race to multi-racial expansion (obesity) that even the most fervent climate-change Luddite can't deny as actually taking place? Bad enough the bloat of bodies, how about medical cost inflations due to the diabetes, coronary, and other care-costs?
    Heaven help us from the heathen (Jew, in this case) trying to impose his NANNY State upon our states of satisfaction in sateity.
    Only a lunatic would try to usurp the role and realm of ADVERTISING AS ADVISER EVEN UNTO STATE OF STATE OF PERSON DICTATOR!!!