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Kentucky does away with private prisons

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    Kentucky has had a long history (decades) of supporting and funding private prisons, to help with the overflow of inmates in the state. But, now they say they are cancelling the contracts with the private prisons, as reform and common sense management are starting to allow for less inmates, shorter incarceration times and more rehabilitative programs instead.

    And, Kentucky will be saving money as well by doing so; they are estimated to save $2 million in the first year, and possibly more as time goes by. Hopefully, this will set a precedent, a path for all the other states to follow suite. Privatizing a system that generates wealth off of locking human beings in a cage is wrong. We should have never went down that path in the first place. Not sure I would have ever said this, but there's a first time for everything; ''The rest of the U.S. needs to follow in Kentucky's footsteps. They are doing it right."