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Texas State Senator Wendy Davis (D) filibuster for women's rights

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    Schmidt Wrote:
    Polwatch Wrote: They are militant on the subject of abortion but are also just as militant on once a child is born "they're on their own". I can't understand why they are so concerned about preventing parental choice and then don't care about the care of a child after birth.
    Yes it is hard to understand how absolutely dogmatic certain conservatives are about protecting a fetus from conception to birth, but once born, the young mother is vilified as a "welfare queen" and denied food stamps, medicaid or other "socialist" programs for the poor.
    Indeed you got it right; I guess "the whatever up there" never intended to have over-population on this globe, but only intended to maintain the species in a healthy way. Over-population will kill this world; its food supplies and natural resources will be depleted and transformed into waste. Our forrests will be gone as well the animals in it and effect the climate and nature's balance etc. etc.