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Markey Wins Massachusetts Special Election

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    Ed Markey has won the special election to fill Secretary of State John Kerry's Senate seat. While not unexpected, it is always nice to know that the voters of Massachusetts didn't go to sleep like they did in 2010 when Scott Brown won an upset victory in the deeply blue state. Mr. Markey has represented the state in the House of Representatives since 1976 and is known as a solid progressive. Thoughts on Mr. Markey's victory and what he may bring to the Senate?
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    I was actually quite surprised at how light the turnout was. I normally have to park a quarter mile away from the polling place, and instead yesterday I basically parked right in front of the door.

    I don't think Markey will necessary change anything, at least as compared to Kerry. The reality is that most folks here are caring and compassionate folks, and want that perspective represented in the Senate. Whether that's accomplished by Kerry or Warren or Markey shouldn't matter much. I don't think that Markey necessarily projects our far-reaching vision as well as Warren, but that's okay. Not everyone has to be a superstar.