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Speaker Boehner Blames Farm Bill Failure on Democrats

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    Speaker Boehner has found himself in the familiar position of having little to no control over his own conference after the Farm Bill was voted down in the House of Representatives. Far right Republicans in the House left in droves over the bill's price tag and Democrats walked away from the table after Majority Leader Cantor helped push through an amendment to the bill that tied food assistance to federal work requirements.

    The Farm Bill is a historically bi-partisan piece of legislation that Congress rarely squabbles over, but it seems as if the glory days of one of the few remaining pieces of legislation that members of both parties typically agree on is beginning to crack under the weight of the severely conservative House that seems more interested in dooming any and all legislation than actually governing. Speaker Boehner tried to deflect blame onto the Democrats over the failure, which Minority Leader Pelosi quickly shot down. She noted the hypocrisy of Speaker Boehner blaming the defeat of the bill on the minority Democrats and summed it up in only a way that she could by stating: "It's silly. It's sad. It's juvenile. It's unprofessional. It's amateur hour."

    It seems as if the House of Representatives has become the place where real legislation goes to die. If Speaker Boehner can't rally his troops over something that's typically a bi-partisan and uncontroversial bill, how will he ever rally the support to pass comprehensive immigration reform? If he insists on following the Hastert Rule, the Senate bill will be DOA in the House. Will Speaker Boehner stand up and do what's right for the country or will he allow the far right wing of his party doom any chance of actually governing this great nation?
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    Two of the members of the House of Representatives who voted to remove food stamps from the Farm Bill have personally received MILLIONS OF DOLLARS from the farm bill themselves. On top of that, they are both on the House agriculture committee, which means that they get to make the rules that benefit their family farms.

    The link below will provide you with further details about these hypocrites:
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    It is so hypocritical of the GOP to defile those poor people who need Food Stamps or Health Care for their families, as being lazy and greedy, living "on the dole" instead of working and leading productive lives, & "earning their pay."

    HA!! When has there ever been a lazier bunch of Congress people, than the GOP, who seldom show up for meetings, take months off from doing the work of the Congress, and on the few occasions when there "refusing to do their job" which is passing legislation. (?) It is fairly obvious that they don't even READ half the bills they are voting on, but follow the lead of the departed retarded, who master-minded their strategy of obstruction & violation of their oath of office. In any other place, this behavior would lead to INSTANT DISMISSAL, & immediate loss of Pay. We have got to "get serious" about this issue, and start to level Penalties for their immature irresponsible behavior. We are paying them a huge salary for being lazy & arrogant, & making American govt look ridiculous & pathetic in the eyes of the world. The only way to get their attention is in their pocket book. So figure out how much of their salary they must sacrifice in order to be holding back committee assignments, refusing to pass necessary legislation, &
    tying the US govt in knots. If I were President, I would use Executive Authority & ARREST them for violating their oath of office, which says they are to obey the Constitution & "represent We the People" and NOT represent the Grover Norquist branch of the GOP, which illegally seeks to "bribe" all members of Congress to Vote a certain right-wing agenda. This agenda is obviously NOT the expressed wishes of the People, as determined by their Majority voting for Obama, a liberal Democrat. And Norquist is bribing them to vote exactly the opposite.
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    Congress should be replaced. I am so angry at their stupid attempts to derail the current administration. Sadly I fear too few will remember this at election time. I think all Americans should be upset that these public employees are doing nothing yet collecting a pay check. The nightly news should start off with a greeting, and the words: "Congress still sucks". In new news:
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    “If you've got them by the balls their hearts and minds will follow.”
    ― John Wayne

    The most effective way that I can think of to have the House of Representatives come to their senses is to take money out of their pocket.
    For that reason, I mailed the letter below TODAY to Tom Vilsack ,who is the head of the Department of Agriculture:


    July 31, 2012

    Mr. Tom Vilsack
    United States Department of Agriculture
    1400 Independence Ave. S.W.
    Washington, D.C. 20250

    Mr. Vilsack:

    Like many Americans, I’m not happy with the fact the House of Representatives passed a Farm Bill on July 11 that has NO provision for food stamps (SNAP). This bill is the first time in 40 years that the farm bill did not include coverage for food stamps, which more than 47,000,000 people now rely on for supplemental nutritional assistance.

    Since you partnered with Michelle Obama on her Let’s Move initiative to improve the health and nutrition of America’s children, and since you helped pass and implement the Healthy, Hungry Kids Act, I suspect that you aren’t happy with the vote either.

    I recently learned that 2 members of the House of Representatives who voted AGAINST including food stamps in the Farm Bill have themselves benefited greatly from some of the provisions of the Farm Bill. Between 1995 and 2012, Representative Stephen Fincher of Tennessee received $3.48 million in subsidies from the Department of Agriculture, and the family farm (Fincher Farms) has received $8.9 million in subsidies in the last decade. In addition, Representative Doug LaMalfa of California has received $4.7 million in subsidies in the last 15 years.

    Both of these men serve on the House Agricultural committee, which allows them to make the rules that benefit themselves personally. Although it apparently isn’t illegal, it definitely smells like a conflict of interest.

    Is there any way that you can TERMINATE all payments to both men until the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program is restored to AT LEAST the level it was the day before the recent House vote?

    If you need additional supporting documentation, the articles posted below can provide additional assistance to you.

    Thank you




    here's more information on Tom Vilsack:
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    Hi Arizona: Thanks for the idea. I will also send a letter to Mr. Vilsak (Dept of Agriculture).
    Maybe we can work up a little energy in that direction. Wouldn't that be nice for a change?
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    eternal flame:

    Good for you! Somehow, I've got a feeling that I'll get a response from Mr. Vilsak. If I do, I'll post it on this site.
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    Much to my amazement, I actually received a return response yesterday in the mail from the United States Department of Agriculture.

    Secretary Vilsack had forwarded my letter to the Department of Food and Services, which is responsible for overseeing the SNAP program. If you read between the lines of the "Washington speak", it appears that the program is safe for now.

    The exact wording used was ,"We want to inform you that in the absence of a Farm Bill, SNAP will continue normal operations in accordance with funding provided in appropriations legislation."

    Since the bill passed by the House did not make any provisions for food stamps, it likely wouldn't pass the Senate, and Obama has gone on record as saying he would veto the legislation if it contained no provision for food stamps.

    How the final Farm Bill will turn out is anyone's guess, but I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Representative Fincher and Representative LaMalfa will continue to get their subsidies from us taxpayers.