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Nelson Mandela in Critical Condition

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    Former South African President Nelson Mandela has taken a dramatic turn for the worse in recent days and is now in critical condition. The Nobel laureate is a beacon of hope for millions of people not only in his home land, but throughout the world. He has grown increasingly ill in the past few years and has not made any public appearances since the 2010 World Cup.

    I've always looked at Nelson Mandela with a sense of awe. He dedicated his life to ending the sanctioned racism that permeated South Africa and to giving the majority of South Africans a voice in their future. When I think of the twenty eight years that he spent behind bars as a political prisoner, I can't help but wonder how he did it. How did he keep his faith in ending apartheid when there seemed to be no hope at all?

    It is inevitable that Nelson Mandela will leave this earth some day, but he has built a legacy that will survive long after he passes. Thoughts on Nelson Mandela and his storied life?
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    Yes Nelson Mandela will be remembered as a great man who stood up against much opposition. He was one of the last to make changes that changed the world.