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FBI Digging for Jimmy Hoffa's Body in Detroit Suburb

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    Former Teamsters Union boss Jimmy Hoffa's disappearance nearly forty years ago has confounded everyone from the average conspiracy theorist to the FBI. While he was declared legally dead back in 1982, seven years after his disappearance, his body was never found. That may all change if the FBI are to believe Tony Zerilli, who recently claimed that Jimmy Hoffa's body is buried under a concrete slab in a field outside of Detroit.

    The FBI has been digging in the field for the past day and a half and have not found anything yet. The only comment they have made on the case is that they have a warrant to search the field, but Mr. Zerilli's lawyer has emphatically stated that he is positive that Hoffa's body is somewhere in that field.

    Thoughts on if the cold case of Jimmy Hoffa will finally come to an end or if this is just another false alarm?