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John Roberts Orders Formal Review of Conservative Federal Judge

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    Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts has ordered a very rare formal review of a Federal Judge who sits on the US Court of Appeals. Edith Jones, a conservative judge appointed by Ronald Reagan in 1985, has been accused of giving a speech to the University of Pennsylvania School of Law that was filled with a host of negative remarks about racial minorities and individuals with mental disabilities. Ms. Jones supposedly stated that racial minorities are "predisposed to crime," defendants who claim mental retardation disgust her, and capital punishment is welcomed by those sentenced to death because they can make peace with god before they are executed.

    The fact that Chief Justice Roberts stepped in and ordered this review should not be taken lightly. Most ethics complaints about Federal Judge's are discarded as fast as they were given and having the most powerful jurist in the country, who by all accounts is a strict conservative, order an official review of a Federal Judge is not something that happens often.

    Thoughts on Edith Jones racist and inarticulate statements and if she should be removed from the Federal Bench?
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    I did some research, and found out more about the judge ....

    the first word that came to mind was "scumbag" ..

    in addition to the information that you have already cited, there is lots of additional information at the link below ..

    here's a quick summary:

    1) she told her colleague, Judge James Dennis, to "shut up" during a trial

    2) she was the only dissenting opinion in a case involving a 15 year old girl who had suffered a year of sexual harassment by one of the teachers, which prevented the girl from suing her school district

    3) in another case, she said that sexual harassment is fine as long as the victim wasn't raped

    4) her worst sin of all, though, was that she wrote the majority opinion in Texas Medical Providers Performing Abortions vs Lakey, which made legal the Texas forced ultrasound procedure, which most of us know as "rape by the state"

    although impeachment is a possible remedy for this maniac, I can think of a lot of other punishments that would be more appropriate, and few of them are legal