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Immigration as systemic sabotage . . . . . or experiential (and economic) exponential

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    Herewith, and heretofore, I think I’ve provided sufficient reference material to support my standpoints, and probably try a reader’s tolerance of detailed documentation. Be thankful that I haven’t imposed upon you the vastly greater extent of notes I’ve taken from the many books I’ve read, not only on New York City as criterion (though extreme) of conditions in this country.
    Another fascinating book was Immigrant City, a history of Lawrence, Ma, a major mill-town from the mid-l800s to early l900s. when it fell victim of
    “South-shoring” (not off-shoring, but industries moving from the North to the cheap labor American South).. After a couple decades, massive off-shoring to the dirt-cheap labor force of 3rd and 4th world countries closed the mills in the South that had opened at the expense of the closed mills of the North.
    Other matters of mention from Immigrant City: As in NYC, the blacks were at the bottom of society. The Irish (“white n-words”) were but a nuance above, perhaps even worse off for their work-ethic, thus suffering in mucking tunnels and digging canals (sometimes with smudge-pots fastened around their necks so the smoke and fumes would at least disperse the mosquitoes and gnats enough for them to be able to breathe). Blacks didn’t work out (except in slavery) in such abjectly abusive employment.
    From mid-l800s, Irish, but also notably Southern European children including Italian, were considered to be “uneducable”, thus “constitutionally” inferior. At present, the only remnant of this “eugenic-relegation” seems to apply to Negros, specifically African-Americans (as opposed to Caribbean or other-origin “coloreds”. Even from upper middle-class, suburban, professional-parent families, academic performance of Afro-Americans is abysmal. But this hardly represents any genetic blemish. It’s self-assertion, a proclamation of identity independent of the white . . . . through a “heritage” of victimology, anti-intellectualism, thus overcoming the need to functionally overcome anything by taking tribal pride in self-subjugation unto self-ridicule (intra-ethnic use of the term “n-word“, manner of dress, etc.).
    Italians were despised as almost aboriginal primitives (and those of their nationality achieving success enough to purchase in WASP neighborhoods and plant their tomato plants and grape vines in the front yards of the Victorians) were not welcomed within the Protestant paradigm (all the worse the Virgin statue in the bathtub grotto).
    I read somewhere that the “ . . .wretched refuse from their teeming shores” in Emma Lazarus’s lyrics/poem, actually referred to and was rebuke of the Southern European and Eastern (Russian) Jewish influx from (and bringing with them) the poverty and ignorance and dys-sanitation of the shtetls. . . the rebuke by the already long-since arrived Northern European Jewry. One Jew as antiSemit

    I could well have expanded my comments, my context, my few copied references herein, into an actual book-length comparison of then . . . .all along . . . through so much of America’s formative history, and now.
    We’ve come a long way. From the drastic discrimination against the French Canadians (not only because of Catholicism -- “Evangeline” . . . ) we’ve long been at the state of not really paying an attention to whether someone is of French or French-Canadian, or just about any other heritage. So, too, the Irish, now essentially so totally integrated into the “Caucasian” populace as to be all but undifferentiable (unless, for example, by Kennedy-esque exceptionality.
    There’s still antiSemitism, but practically extinct. From the era when “The American Bar Association” was established, in part, to prevent Yiddish from becoming the lingua franca of the legal profession, when Jews weren’t allowed in some restaurants or hotels etc., we may note that this or that guy is Jewish (especially how many are in the economic-realm of the federal government), but the discrimination unto disenfranchisement has ended long ago.
    Italian? Yes, we note names ending with vowels and generally just subliminally associate them with nationality. For the most part, Italian, Greek, Irish, you name him or her, and they’re a “societal generic”. Caucasians. Inclusive, of course, of English, German, Dutch, Scandanavian, and all the rest (who way back would have been at each other’s throats almost as if different, competing-for-territory-and-survival species.)
    Blacks, Latinos, Muslims, and others are still definitely delineated, sig-nificantly by their appearance, from complexion to attire. But they’re integrated in the jobs, consumer-realms, and even neighborhoods in this country. There may be subtle discrimination, disdain for the chador’d or, especially, burqa’d Muslim woman. But there’s no persecution. In years past there would have been.
    We’ve come a long way by integrating astounding ethnic and sociological diversity within a socio-economic format for functioning -- earning, spending, acquiring, having, enjoying the implements and perks of Western civilization! We’re all in these together.

    We’ve come through periods of horrific traumas and lesser turmoils, from the Civil War through incipient anarchy (Sacco and Vanzetti), Jewish-communist cells, White Supremacy whackos, McCarthy paranoid pathology, etc. etc.
    We’ve come to the point where the division and contestation and friction of a whole continent’s populace is significantly concerned with how much the ultra-rich should have to pay back into economy, share with society.
    We’ve reached a level of socio-cohesion where even in the ranted vitriol of opposing political conventions, not only objectively important matters, but emotional and subjective standpoints are proclaimed from podium to rouse roars from the assembled thousands . . . . . yet even with inclusions of humor or satire.
    Through history even unto the present elsewheres, the differences between our “right” and “left” would result in reciprocal retaliation, assault, bombings. Now, one candidate seeks to discredit and destroy the adversary Verbally. In our country there have been no poisonings, shootings, stabbings. We’ve come a long way from the past of our “family” background in the old countries, from our human heritage still operant in many other contemporary countries’ conflicts and contests.
    We may have high unemployment and a depressed real estate market (with regionally vacated homes. A bubble (like many before) burst, grounding greed & profiteering. But actions were taken, tranche (toxic-mortgage-bundles) hemorrhages were Fed-transfused. And the organism of (it’s now global) economy was kept alive. How much greater the unemployment would be had GM and Chrysler succumbed, shut-down? To what catastrophic extent the domino demise of big-banks had others just been left to the “market forces“ which actually, as their “marketing strategy“ had led them (and almost to a global extent) to self-destruction!!! AIG, the life-boat for the drowning domains of derivatives, would itself have been dunked. But that didn’t happen. We’ve come a long way up in preventing how far the devastating drop could have been given other times’ defaults . . . . . actual faults?
    The drastic devastation of actual depression was prevented this time. We’ve come a long way. There may be high unemployment, but there aren’t breadlines, nor hordes riding rail lines. There may be huge deficit, but it’s not of the human in actual anguish.
    And there is not, realistically, any chance of mass-mobilization for a WW III to restart the economy, re-employ those @8% in jobs or uniforms. Too much the world is an interdependency of mutually maintained infrastructure and hyper structure, import-export, multi-national Corporations’ “governance” of commodities, currencies, consumers, complexities otherwise. We’ve come a long way in this world.

    Through the 30 or so books I’ve read rather specifically concerning the area, I’ve concluded that synergy, not friction, has been the outcome of America’s cultural diversity. From back at the beginning when white invaders of the Indians’ neighborhoods were the immigrants, to now . . . ?
    Just look at the diversity of nationalities attending major colleges. Just look into, now, the extent of Hispanic entrepreneurship, economic benefit to neighborhood, community, city, state, tax base. There may be clusters of jobless Mexicans standing at the foot of Home Depot lots, hoping for a day’s pay with some emerging contractor. But the majority of whatever Latinos are employed. And regarding the argument that they’ve taken jobs we Anglos should have -- who do you know wants to work hotel housekeeping foodservice or make migrant agricultural effort your profession?
    And though there’s despicably widespread poverty, alcoholism, and other afflictions of native Americans “interned” on their res-es, there are those that are significantly profiting from resources, natural and odds-determined!!
    For the most part, we’ve all come together as a synergy-society.
    Our present “recession” is but a “blip”. It’s a cyber-age (derivative-driven) bubble where one’s house’s ever-incremental value had no basis other than what it could bring if you bailed out before the “correction“ when the bubble burst.
    The mud-slinging and vitriol-vectoring of recent politics is the obverse of entropy. It‘s the manifestation of a dynamic fission of ideas and ideals and ideologies. As with the particulate dimension, only the few facets of the political domain may actually function through polity to fuse into policy. But the dynamism of our system works -- and without mayhem and massacre (other than verbal -- and even that, as noted, with the touches of humor and satire and sarcasm.

    Friction? Yes. As frisson. Ongoing. Sequential. Look at the influence of the various nationalities on “American“ culture, arts and entertainment. Afro-American music fused classically by Gershwin. Rap now the woofer-assault assimilation of the hi-end WASP young adults. The unwanted Irish for so long so admirably ensconced in politics and all other levels and labors of life. The filthy Italians in, you-name-it-walks-of life as well as in construction. Jews from teeming shores or otherwise have excelled in almost everything, from the highest levels of science to the nadirs of some stand-up entertainment’s venues. The vast Hispanic influx provides a truly, admirably, dedicated populace doing the housekeeping, cooking, warehousing, crop-picking, but also ever-emerging into the mainstream of diverse ascent -- in education, income, residence, reciprocating role in society.
    And it’s all been working without anyone attacking anyone now years!
    And it’s all of us working together in combination as a culture of multi-culturalism.

    And in all the above -- my point of contrast to yours:
    I look back through the history of the world, of Europe,
    and of this country . . . . .and I see a continuum toward
    cohesion, comprehensivity, consolidation.
    Not a monolithic module.
    A singular systematology, its complexity beyond the mere sum of its sub-group parts

    Yes, synergy.
    It seems to me.

    Oh say, do you see . . . .?