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regarding "energy independence"

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    Part of the “foreign oil” America uses comes from OPEC.
    OPEC nations are Islamic, thus consider Christianity a blasphemy,
    denounce democracy as a heresy.
    Blasphemy and heresy are Satanic and the destruction of their
    adherents will be rewarded. Such is the view of many
    Islamic fundamentalists, even the quest of extremists.
    And for oil we pay money to them???
    Almost all of the revenue of the OPEC countries comes from oil
    The drilling/extraction of that oil, as well as significant (if not pre-
    ponderant) revenue derives from Western (esp. American)
    petrochemical companies and Western nation consumption
    of refined petro-products.
    The distribution of OPEC wealth provides extreme, ostentatious
    wealth for the elite, while leaving the vast majority of the
    population rather, if not actually, impoverished, suppressed,
    unemployed, and worse.
    Thus the Mideast kingdoms and their myriad privileges and
    princes depend upon a Western presence, not only petro- financially, but
    “existentially”. The West is both potential
    protector from popular uprising and provision of funds for
    protracted, projected dynastic enrichment.
    What “trickle-down” economic enhancement provides
    for the populace derives from Western capital infusion for
    oil extraction.
    Payments to OPEC are a quid pro quo for that aspect of popular suppres-
    sion (by royalty) which protects Western petrochemical facilities and
    equipment, as well as product. Termination of Western capital into
    OPEC would end our collusion with their ruling echelon, further
    impoverish their people (think Iraqi sanctions), and result in revved
    rage readings (religious and otherwise).
    Cessation of Western payments for, and usage of, OPEC oil would result
    in replacing the prevalent infusion from, influence by, and power
    (geo-political and potential military) of other countries such as
    Russia, China . . . even India.

    Therefore, to resolve any dilemma regarding OPEC oil . . . .(choices)
    We should: 1)
    Stop trading with bastards that don’t like us and our religion and show
    them how much they need us and are helpless (or hopeless)
    without us. (What else would Jesus do??)
    Use up all our reserves first, for we alone will set the price so
    much cheaper and thus enable such increased usage
    for such factorial short-term profits.
    Thus postpone eventual need to resume OPEC derivation/
    extraction which Russia and China and even India will
    have exploited fully . . . . but of course will share so
    cooperatively with us . . . .with U. S.
    We should: 2)
    Do none of the above.
    We should continue the present paradigm of oil production,
    propping-up and proxy-postulate positioning of emirates
    (etc.), populace/extremist controls, etc. as we have been
    for years.
    For in the Middle East, our presence and even our payments
    represent an investment in a global-domain socio-politi-
    economic conflation of control, thus their, and our, national security.
    The petro-resources derived are actually but the
    “interest” we derive from that kind of globalized-
    investment portfolio.
    We might “profit” more . . . . . but at what cost?