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The Inaccurate Legend of Paul Revere

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    We all remember being taught the legend of the midnight ride of Paul Revere to warn the colonists that the British were coming, but most of what we were taught was not an accurate depiction of what actually happened. We were taught he rode alone, which is not true. He started the ride with at least two other men and eventually had a group of roughly forty that fanned out across the colonies. We were also taught that he screamed "The British Are Coming" as they rode from town to town, which is also not true. The riders were on a secret mission to warn Sam Adams and John Hancock. It wouldn't have made much sense to run screaming and shouting throughout the countryside.

    This just goes to show that history is not always as we are all led to believe and it is very difficult to change after it becomes accepted by the masses. Thoughts on Paul Revere and his unique place in American history?