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United States of Paradox

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    United States of Paradox

    Involuntary unemployment is a basic liberty issue. A government that taxes in a currency that only it and its designated agents ISSUE has a responsibility to keep its fiscal policy loose enough so that spending in the economy can support jobs for everybody who is able and willing to work for the currency. You can't have "negative" liberty and involuntary unemployment created by restrictive fiscal policy. The existence of involuntary unemployment means that taxes are too high for the amount of government spending. That's Big Government on the tax liability side of things. Removing drag via tax cuts is not government stimulus. It's called getting government out of the way. We have a bias towards overtaxation by government, not government overspending.

    We have also have a problem with rampant fraud and abuse by the designated agents of the government in the financial sector, i.e. banks, and regulators that can't regulate an honest bank for public purpose, let alone a dishonest one, all of which contributing to massive, rising income inequalities. Government is effectively creating extraordinary "positive" liberties for a speculative, criminal, rent-seeking class at the expense of the "negative" realm of liberty for everybody else. That's Big Government intervention in the financial sector creating massive distortions of wealth. These are all limited government, liberty issues that so-called "Conservatives" should be concerned with, considering their stated preferences for less government.

    Given the conditions in the economy right now, it's dire that we pass a full FICA payroll tax cut. Whether they know it or not, the current government fiscal policy is to bleed off the consumer dollars in the economy. The Tea Party and Republicans think they are protecting "Capitalism" and "free-markets" with Deficit Terrorism, but the absolute truth is that it's killing markets, sales, output, and employment, and it's government doing the hit job on the private sector by restricting supply of the currency. "Budget Hawk Socialism" is a job killer. "Conservatives" are on the wrong side of their own ideology by their own error, or they are subversives who know better. Whatever the case, the Deficit Terrorism needs to end now.