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Howard Hughes and His Secret CIA Mission

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    Howard Hughes was known for many things, but perhaps the most unique aspect about his life was his involvement with the CIA to recover a sunken Russian submarine back in 1972. Mr. Hughes was approached by the CIA to act as a civilian researcher interested in the mining of undersea manganese nodules in the deepest parts of the ocean. He was the front man for the secretive project and had no involvement in the actual mission, but the cover story did work and the mission proceeded as planned. Unfortunately, the effort to recover the submarine encountered problems and the it wound up being a total failure. An unforeseen turn of events proceeded to take place shortly before the second try to recover the submarine which exposed the mission and Howard Hughes involvement in it, forcing the CIA to cancel the recovery effort.

    I found this story quite interesting, especially with how it actually worked until the press found out about it. Howard Hughes was one unique individual and it does not surprise me that he found himself involved with a CIA mission. Thoughts on Howard Hughes and his rather unique life?