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Cory Booker Makes Senate Bid Official

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    Newark Mayor Cory Booker made official what nearly everyone already knew and announced that he will be running for the vacant US Senate seat in New Jersey. Mr. Booker is clearly the early front runner in the Democratic primary, but he is no shoe in. He will most likely be running against Frank Pallone and Rush Holt, both of whom are currently US Representatives from New Jersey.

    Thoughts on Mr. Booker's candidacy and if he will have an easy ride to the nomination or if it will be an ugly primary?
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    I did a quick read of the bio's of Frank Pallone and Rush Holt in Wikipedia. While Booker has the name recognition outside of New Jersey, Pallone and Holt also have commendable records in the House of Representatives. In fact I really like what Rush Holt has done and he could be Booker's most formidable opponent:

    Wiki: Rush D. Holt Jr.

    Received his M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in physics from New York University in 1981. Former professor in public policy and physics and currently the only Physicist and only Quaker in Congress.

    Pro-choice, supports a public health care option, and opposes the privatization of social security.

    Legislative priorities have included tax credits for small businesses, increasing access to a college education for middle-class families, maintaining Medicare and Social Security, and preserving the environment.

    Supports legislation to clean up the environment and cap greenhouse gas emissions, and promotes the development and use of alternative energy sources.

    Has maintained a 100 percent lifetime rating from the League of Conservation Voters since 1999, in addition to a 100 percent rating by Environment America in 2008, 2009, and 2011, and a 100 percent rating by Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund from 2003 to 2008. On November 12, 2012, the New Jersey Sierra Club awarded Holt the Outstanding Achievement Award for his environmental conservation efforts.

    Strongly believes in women's right to make decisions about their health care, without interference by the government, and upholds Roe v. Wade.

    Successfully opposed legislation that would have prevented access to birth control, eliminated funding for Title X (the national family planning program), and denied federal funding to Planned Parenthood.

    Planned Parenthood and the National Family Planning & Reproductive Health Association have consistently issued an approval rating of 100 percent for Holt since 1995, while the NARAL Pro-Choice America has rated Holt 100 percent since 1999.

    His voting record in Congress shows him to be supportive of the LGBT community.

    Wiki: Cory Booker

    Booker's credential are also commendable as current Mayor of Newark, New Jersey. He was first elected in 2006, and had previously served as a Newark City Councilor from 1998 to 2002.

    Bachelor of Arts in political science and a Master of Arts in sociology from Stanford University, played varsity football, and was elected senior class president. In addition, Booker ran The Bridge Peer Counseling Center, a student-run crisis hotline, and organized help from Stanford students for youth in East Palo Alto, California.

    Awarded a Rhodes Scholarship to study at the University of Oxford, where he earned an honors degree in U.S. history in 1994 as a member of The Queen's College. He earned his Juris Doctor in 1997 from Yale Law School, where he operated free legal clinics for low-income residents of New Haven, Connecticut.

    He has gained a reputation for his personal involvement in public service, including going on a ten-day hunger strike outdoors to draw attention to the dangers of open-air drug dealing, living on a "food stamp" budget to raise awareness of food insecurity, shoveling the driveway of a constituent upon request, allowing Hurricane Sandy victims into his home, helping a constituent propose to his girlfriend, rescuing a dog from freezing temperatures, and saving a woman from a house fire at his own risk.

    I think it is this personal involvement with the populace that endears him more to the electorate than Holt.

    I give Booker the win, but honestly I am very happy with Holt's record in the House. The Democrats of New Jersey will decide for Booker. Holt will come in a reasonable second, but may lose an otherwise tighter margin because of Pallone's presence on the ticket.
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    Great info. This was very informative. Sounds like both guys have a lot to offer. I agree with your prediction.