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What's wrong with Texas?

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    The news item below appeared on my Facebook page this morning:

    Zach is closer to this stuff than most of us, but the crazy news from Texas still makes me shake my head.
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    O M G,
    This is crazy. That mentality is sad. The fact that it is endorsed by the courts is even more sad. Maybe it should be legal to shot an escort or prostitute if they don't make you 110% happy with the service provided. After all, it's tough to earn your money these days. Unbelievable.
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    Open season on prostitutes in Texas. Maybe prostitutes should increase their fee for Texas politicians as identifying how dangerous the job is. If armed forces personnel get pay increases for being in a war zone, why not prostitutes in Texas because the state just identified their job as hazardous? I'm not surprised this comes from Texas, because wasn't it this state that shoots Presidents? Texas is so arrogant with themselves. We need Alaskans to inform that little suburb in the south to behave themselves.