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BB & BG -- reciprocals, addends, integers, integral synergy

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    It was, as still is so significantly, a combination of BG and BB that is necessary to make a national, more so an international, . . .and now a global dynamic of socio-politico-economic complexity function. . . . . .BG=big gov’t – BB=big business . . . . . . no matter the componential malfunctions) . . . . . .

    Some "sub-points of view":
    BG & BB are reciprocal funding sources. BG & BB are mutual checks and balances.
    Between them, a level of our culture and society should be provided to the American people: police, parks, school programs, medical care, etc. The juxtaposition of massive personal wealth to a substantial population without health coverage to me is wrong. Don't deprive luxury its attainment. But do provide from its extremes to prevent deprivation of a basic, viable standard of living for Americans.
    As I've reiterated, acquisition and ascension are necessary (even evolutionary) traits/quests of mankind. Capitalism is reward as well as incentive/necessity. Within the "capitalistic" context are the quests and even actions (demonstrations, strikes) of those masses (the labor force etc.) who strive for their betterment (though seldom enrichment per se, often mere comfortable survival).

    My complex contentions have been that the far right-wing standpoint seems to be so anti-government as to be almost anarchistic. I've tried to convey a thesis and examples thereof that it takes both government and private enterprise in co-operation, if not cooperation; and even entailing some collusion (such as subsidies, "pork", etc. – which fund private enterprise primarily.
    My terming it "squandry" (re fuel usage etc.) . . . . consider every rush-hour morning and afternoon the stop-and-go of some thousands of vehicles on multi-lane interstate highways – their engines all combusting fuel into fumes the while. Should there not be an alternative (now being called hybrid tech) . . . . which some seem to decry almost as heresy against Sacred Oil. If the thing ain't moving its motor really doesn't have to run?!! Already (I think Toyota) has such "self-shutoff" interface – things start to move again, a touch on the pedal and engine resumes. Even better might be electric drive direct to wheels, combustion engine to maintain battery charge. Perhaps there should be commuting scheduling other than the sudden "flush" of so many at once? Maybe "alternatives" need to include variant behavior-patterns? I've also touched on alternatives to the consumer compulsion that may (judging by world economics) be unsustainable in the long run.

    One of my major points has been to point out that every conventional (now) WAS an alternative. And there was bitchery and “decrydemtion” the while back then. But by innovation and even revolution of systems we created the advance of our "civilization" (which you seem to think I denigrate). But look at the jobs created to do the manufacturing and distribution of the present creativity known as progress. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .until . . . .
    Recently I've sent more of others' writings (articles) than my own. Especially from Forbes, I hoped that "mainstream" info (such as the extent of major energy corporations' R&D and even implementation of alternatives (wind, solar, bio) . . . would provide corroboration of my previous promulgations: (Prioritizing the potentials that may eventually have collaborate with, if not to take the place of, the now-proven-tech power-sources in view of perhaps exponentially increasing demand).

    You write to me, "You want to instruct big oil . . ." re profits . . . .? My points of view are their points of procedure to a significant extent already (Exelon, Exxon, BP, and others cited in articles revealing the corporate investment in the alternatives.). My “instructing ‘big oil’ isn’t. It’s acknowledging the R&D role of big oil in alternatives already – though someone “covertly”.
    But there does have to be an interface of "ordering around" big companies, oil and other, and corporate self-determination (so limited so often to the bottom-line figure, fuck anything else.). Such as way back, mining, lumbering, more recently the lead industry, tobacco, asbestos, now plastics "pollution", disposal (oh god, what and where when the landfills is all full?) and on and on.

    "Next you accuse me of opposing . . . ." , you retort to my email to you?? I'm not accusing you unless you advocate stepping on the chickens in order to preserve the riches-roost of the "golden goose". Yes, taxes come from the upper-perched positions. But when the tax flow is drained from the lower levels’ incomes (the “chickens’” feed), and even programs as social-services, education, recreation (society-stuff), yet the rich get richer. . . . and the major corporations offshore the jobs . . . . or Iraql Debacles displace billions into "privatization-privileged" positions and portfolios . . . . somethin's not doin the country or economy good. MAYBE SOMETHING DESERVES TO BE ACCUSED OF SOMETHING??

    I differ diametrically with another of your statements to me, old friend, I thus express it, you CAN’T construct a society without including in its basis and dynamic EMOTIONAL AND MORAL APPEALS. You can construct a cartel or monopoly or even mega-corporation. But not a society. A society is a confluence, conglomeration, congregation, consonance and even contention and conflict of . . .people. Human-interests, needs, wants spanning from the majority-weighted spectrum of "humanity" into/including hierarchies (wealth accumulation even).

    I think that from long before Clinton, the bubble was building. A previous performance was the S&L collapse (a preview starring Bush and Keating, of the 2nd grand act of Bush and Kenny-boy Lay et. al.). The deficit or surplus "calculation" of the economy was almost a "dealt-hand" of the moment. What was in the "deck" was the essence unseen, dwindling proportionately. The evaluations of so many things (the "bets") were inflated far above what could still be "dealt"/ distributed to support the payouts..
    In other words, inflated prices in collusion with credit financing were the game. And Frankly, it wasn't the Barneys backing Fannie and Freddie benevolence to help people have homes. It was the Smith-Barneys (and Goldmans and worst, the local-level mortgage origination boiler-scams and financial institutions) that flipped the rising real estate market dough until the whole inflated feast just pancaked.
    Again, look at the global economic problems.
    Do you see that the lower classes are really reaping "goodies" by raping the resources of the resourceful (the rich). But that’s your contention, your “contemption” for across-the-board concern and provision for humanity. Your premise and paradigm encompasses hardly anything beyond the board of directors of the valuations scrolling out the Dow of now’s continuity electronically.

    Observe in this country the major contribution to our advanced civilization's ongoing surfeit of credit-charged stuff by our private enterprises is . . . by offshore, dirt-cheap labor.
    "Perhaps a little gratitude for our advanced civilization is in order," you say.
    Perhaps a little loyalty to OUR society-civilization should even be priority for our corporate enterprises and employments. Perhaps, too, a little conservation should be stressed and implemented, thus to preserve our potentials to further advance.
    Perhaps to ensure that we can even stay at the point we're at!!
    Within my recent communications to you was a particular excerpt from Forbes. Therein, regarding some VC investment in some startup, the statement was made (apprx) that whether the entity would ever make any money was essentially unimportant. Its value would be in how quickly its share-value would climb, thus to be profit-taken.
    Billions overall into an economy built on the bubbles of share-appreciating
    coffee and wine websites and food-service and pet food places . . . . ??
    But even survival alternate-ultimates (such as energies) leave the country??

    The above, my positions.
    I don't condemn, blame, or relegate others' to/as reactionaries or Luddites
    I do absolutely not advocate enshrining petro as the ultimate energy to the exclusion of seriously, funded, alternatives. Gas (and even nat'l gas) are not self-
    reproducing species, thus our considering them as horse, and horse as the ultimate of horsepower (motive and generative) . . . . is horse shit.

    Regarding our founding fathers: what would they say about our level of consumption and waste, our priorities of percentages regardless of valid principals (and what have "principles" got to do with anything??). And every Yuletide-time I picture Jesus being dropped in the middle of a mega-mall . . . . . . . .