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Republican E.W. Jackson: "Yoga Leads to Satan"

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    Newsmax, June 6, 2013: Va. GOP Lt. Gov. Candidate: Yoga Can Lead to Satanic Possession

    Newsmax extracts from a National Review article.

    E.W. Jackson, the Republican candidate for lieutenant governor of Virginia, says in his 2008 book, "Ten Commandments to an Extraordinary Life: Making Your Dreams Come True," that practitioners of yoga are opening themselves up to Satan:

    "When one hears the word meditation, it conjures an image of Maharishi Yoga talking about finding a mantra and striving for nirvana. The purpose of such meditation is to empty oneself . . . [Satan] is happy to invade the empty vacuum of your soul and possess it. That is why people serve Satan without ever knowing it or deciding to . . . Beware of systems of spirituality which tell you to empty yourself. You will end up filled with something you probably do not want."

    Jackson also expresses the view that gays are "frankly very sick," that President Barack Obama "clearly has Muslim sensibilities," and that African American voters must end their "slavish devotion to Democrats."

    So...with those crazy views, will the good people of Virginia elect E.W. Jackson for Lt. Governor?