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Governor Christie Appoints Jeffrey Chiesa As Frank Lautenberg's Replacement

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    New Jersey Governor Chris Christie appointed Republican Jeffrey Chiesa to the Senate today. He will begin his duties on June 10th. Mr. Chiesa is the current Attorney General of New Jersey and is a close confidant of Mr. Christie, having served various roles with him since joining him in the US Attorney's office back in 2002. He has expressed that he will not run in the special election or for a full term in the Senate.

    Mr. Chiesa is opposed to the death penalty and also is a proponent of a gun buyback program in New Jersey's cities. On the other hand, he is a self proclaimed conservative republican that is more concerned with the border security aspect of the pending immigration reform bill currently making its way through through the Senate. My guess is that he will tow the Republican line, but his presence will not change the dynamic of the Senate much.

    Thoughts on Governor Christie's appointment?