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New Study Debunks Conservative Talking Points on Gay Adoption

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    A study that was recently conducted by Melbourne University proves what most supporters of allowing gay couples to adopt children already knew: there is no statistical difference between children of gay couples and children that were raised in a traditional family unit. Children of gay couples exhibited no statistical difference with regards to self-esteem, their emotional behavior, and the amount of time they spent with their parents. Not only that, but children of same sex couples actually scored higher on overall family cohesion because same sex couples are typically more forthcoming about talking with their children about the impact of bullying at school, among a host of other things.

    This is not a study that surprises me whatsoever, but it is great to see academic studies debunking a popular conservative talking point about gay marriage and the impact it would have on "the family." As a social worker, I fully appreciate the fact that a child needs loving and responsible parents, whatever their sexual orientation. With the countless number of children that are in foster and group homes, it's an absolute shame that it is still illegal for gay parents to adopt children in 26 states.

    Thoughts on gay adoption and if it's time we have a national policy allowing it here in the United States?