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U.N. Global Gun Ban Treaty

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    for me it's not about the nra or the gun makers. it's about foreigners telling me to give up my guns. look to africa and the middle and far east, even kids have guns mostly ak-47's.we have a government that we can't trust. and we're supposed to give up our guns? no way.
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    bull drink water --

    I don't suppose you read the previous posts on this topic, but no where does it state that foreigners will tell you to give up your guns. And you seem to be supporting the fact that in Africa and the Middle East, "even kids mostly have AK-47s." Is this what you support for American kids? Maybe I don't understand your nuanced statement.

    You also state we have a "government we cannot trust...and we're supposed to give up our guns? no way."

    We've had lots and lots of discussion on this website in the past regarding gun legislation, and only the most fear driven seem to cling to the idea that "Obama's going to take your guns."

    One other point on the gun registry. The federal government doesn't have one but the NRA does. Read this article on RT.

    RT: August 23, 2013: NRA built massive database of gun owners while opposing national gun registry

    "The National Rifle Association has frightened Americans about the prospect of a federal registry of firearm owners, but the NRA itself has secretly created a database with information from tens of millions of Americans who do not hold a membership.

    "The NRA has spent years secretly collecting information about gun owners from state and local offices and has built the country’s largest privately held database of current, former and prospective gun owners, according to a BuzzFeed report."

    So why does the NRA need or want a national gun registry when they have been so vocal about the government not having one? I expect your guns might be in the NRA database.

    Just saying...
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    You're waiting your time Schmidt - there is only one side to any story when you're talking to a conservative gun nut. They aren't interested in facts only what they have been told are the facts by others like themselves! Sorta like an Atheist trying to talk any sense to a religious true believer.