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I am looking for an attorney who will ...........

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  • Democrat
    san antonio, TX
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    Help me sue the House of Representatives! If a doctor fails to do his/her JOB COMPLETELY HE/SHE CAN BE SUED! I and many other Americans ARE NOT BEING REPRESENTED BECAUSE OF MALPRACTICE directed at the Republicans IN THE HOUSE! "A HOUSE DIVIDED AMONGST ITSELF WILL FALL!" ,before the fall --- A LAW SUIT!
  • Center Left
    Denton, TX
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    You sue a doctor for damages specifically done to you. You would have prove that a member of the House has personally wronged and caused damages to you to successfully sue them. When you feel that politicians have not done their job you vote them out of office. If they have broken the law you, they can be handled through our criminal system.

    When you start screaming about suing people and concocting frivolous lawsuits, you sound like a crazy person. Using caps lock randomly hurts your case quite a bit as well.....