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Frum provides more evidence that Bush Administration wanted Oil

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    David Frum helps verify what many people already suspected. That Cheney and the Bush Administration wanted to invade Iraq to secure Oil reserves. read all about it!
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    I was catching up with past posts as it's been a long time (about a month) since I've had the time to go online.

    This was a very interesting story. I had heard rumors that the US went into Iraq for the oil but it was always considered as opinion more than anything factual. I know this is out of the current topics but again..... I thought it was very interesting information.
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    No surprise here! I have always advocated that it was Cheney using the President to get Haliburton and oil deals established. Bush was easy pickins for Cheney, the brain behind it all. Bush is not without blame, because it was Bush that understood his mission to get Sadaam for daddy Bush. Toy soldiers and greed was the administration effort to go into Iraq when focus should have been on Afganistan and Pakistan. This Iraq war will go into history just like Vietnam. As a Vietnam Veteran, I see what Iraq Veterans will go through, but I doubt they have never had their uniforms spit on by Americans like the Vietnam Veteran experienced. Have history be told that it was a corrupt adminstration that got us into Iraq.
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    Oil may be the main reason for going to war in Iraq, but Bush wanted any excuse from the get go...

    L.A. Times, February 9, 2004: 'I'm a War President,' Bush Says

    "I'm a war president. I make decisions here in the Oval Office in foreign policy matters with war on my mind."