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George Orwell: Much Better Than The SparkNotes

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    George Orwell is one of the most acclaimed authors of the twentieth century, and rightfully so. Two of his works are still mandatory reading for millions of school children throughout our country, but the true power behind these books are often lost because many of these kids either don't understand the context of the books they are reading or simply read the SparkNotes of each, just so they can pass the test.

    The deep symbolism of these books must be easily lost on most students, but when one is able to read between the lines, they will not be disappointed. Orwell's stringing rebuke of totalitarianism, fascism, and communism brought still resonate today, as do many of the phrases he coined to depict these policies. It's almost as if he had the ability to peer into the future and see what big brother would be like.

    Thoughts on George Orwell and his two major works?