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Mark Cuban Joins Athlete Ally Advisory Board

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    I've always enjoyed watching Mark Cuban throughout his years as the owner of the Dallas Mavericks and wish that more owners were as directly involved with their teams as he is. He's a die hard fan of his team and is not afraid to spend the money it takes to be a contender each and every year. However, his most recent foray into gay equality in professional sports put him towards the top on my list.

    Mark Cuban recently joined the Advisory Board of Athlete Ally, a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to ridding homophobia in all sports, as well as in the greater society. At a time of rapid change with regards to homosexuality in our country, a lot of professional sports are still far behind the curve. Many current athletes are still openly against having gay teammates, although that number has been shrinking as of late. Seeing an NBA owner joining a group like Athlete Ally will only bring more light to the struggle that gay athletes still face, but my hope is that as more people like Mark Cuban stand up and support equality in sports, the tide will eventually turn.

    Thoughts on Mark Cuban and his quest to make professional sports open for all?