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a comprehensive look back

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    Are you sure you want to delete this post?
    I'll make up for this with some socio-politico-economic essaying within the next couple days.
    But for the moment, I'll take up just a little space to promote another of my published books.
    " FROM POST 9/11 TO THE BIG IRAQ ATTACK the Iraql Debacle, a Wrecktrospective "
    From "apocalypse here" (9/11) onward, a conspiracy of conflation was perpetrated by certain
    significant individuals -- exacerbated by Colin Powell's "act" -- and then it all went downhill as
    far as credibility is concerned. Assuming Saddam's WMD/instantcy including virals . .. we took
    months for the "buildup" and then marched our army overland into the country????? And I
    examine the multifacets of the distortion-lens through which the administration projected the
    justification for the carnage.
    Available as a paperback from Hope you'll buy a copy. I think it's well
    worth the realization . . . of retrospect . . . . of revelation!!