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Obama to nominate James B. Comey as FBI Director

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    Washington Post, May 29, 2013: Comey in line to become FBI director, officials say

    The Washington Post reports: "President Obama plans to nominate James B. Comey, a former senior Justice Department official in the George W. Bush administration, to replace Robert S. Mueller III as FBI director, according to two people with knowledge of the selection process. Comey, 52, was at the center of some of the most bruising debates over counterterrorism during the Bush administration and established a reputation as a fierce defender of the law and the integrity of the Justice Department regardless of the political pressures of the moment."

    Comey is a Republican...probably more of the Chuck Hagel type.

    Rachel Maddow had a good segment on Obama's choice and this one incident says a lot about Comey's character. It is worth your time to watch,

    Rachel Maddow on James Comey nomination

    I'll withhold judgment for now, but Comey seems like a good choice...
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    With all of this mess swirling around the Justice Dept. in general, I will also reserve judgement but with a cavat," Watch what you wish,you just might get it".